ADO lose at FC Twente & Promoting ADO to Expats.

I am sorry for no full report on this game, but I did not attend this match. ADO took a shock 0-1 lead from a penalty from Lex Immers. There was a quick reply from FC Twente which meant ADO went in quite happy drawing 1-1 at half time.

The second half was not good for ADO who conceded four more goals and ADO replied with a solitary effort. The good thing to come from this match was that John Verhoek scored his first goal for the club, the first of many I believe.

I did not attend the Match as yesterday I was helping to represent the club at the “Welcome to The Hague” expat fair. There was a great deal of interest in the club and lots of cards were handed out to people interested in attending ADO games in the near future.

Rick Ros and myself promoting ADO at the Hague fair yesterday

Welcome to ADO for Expats.

Welcome to ADO for Expats.

Hello to you all and welcome to the newest ADO Den Haag site on the web. This site will give you all the information you will ever need to enjoy the ADO match day experience and even get yourself involved with the club itself. This site is all in English and here to help you get to and enjoy the great atmosphere within the stadium on match days.

Here you will find ticket information, match reports and other news updates. This is not a site that will carry gossip or rumour, it will give you the facts only.

Any questions, or if there is anything you would like added to this site, please contact me and give me your ideas. ADO Den Haag is a team that deserves the support of not just local Dutch supporters, but also from the many thousands of Expats who live in The Hague. So please do support your local team, ADO Den Haag!


A message from Mark van der Kallen: Chairman of ADO Den Haag.

There are a lot of businesses within The Hague that employ many expats to their staff. I would like to welcome all football supporters to our stadium, for one game or maybe a whole season. I would like to see more expats and their families at our stadium.

The club is on a sound financial footing now and have had a supervisory board of six people for the last three years that is working very well for the club. We are investing a lot of money into our youth academy and have had success with our scouting, which has been proved by the signing of 18 year old Kevin Tano; a player that was also being tracked by Ajax, Roda JC and others. We got in there first and are pleased to have him here. We are growing well and establishing a good business ethic within the club to build success for the future of ADO Den Haag.

I wish a lot of success to this new website and hope all the expats will use it a lot and then come to visit us here at ADO Den Haag.

Mark van der Kallen: 30th August 2011.


Finally I wish to offer my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the following people who have given me so much help and support in this venture.

Nathalie Nuiten, ADO press officer

Rick Ros, ADO commercial dept

Alberto of ADO Journaal

Alain of Groengeelhart

Marc of ADOfans

Helen McClimon, thank you for doing a lot of Dutch to English translations.

And finally the biggest thanks of all goes to Heiko Carstens who is the man behind all the technical work on this site.