The newest ADO for Expats fan

ADO for Expats would like to introduce to the ADO Den Haag fan commnunity its newest and youngest member.

Introducing Rebekka Nicole Monika Janet Carstens, born on 21 April  at 21:08

Rebekka’s parents are Heiko (German) & Natalie (English) both who this season have become season ticket holders in Vak H thanks to this site. I expect we will see this little treasure in the stadium as soon as possible. So welcome to our newest Expat fan!!!

Championship celebrations!

The clock counted down until the referee blew his whistle. The substitutes charged of the bench to embrace the winning eleven. ADO were champions, FC Twente had lost at home to FC Utrecht, so ADO could now not be caught in the title race. The ladies went crazy, bouncing, jumping and screaming with happiness, and rightly so, this was a title they had deserved, being the strongest, fittest and most skilful team in the league. The fact ADO ladies had finished runners-up for the previous three seasons made this crowning moment even more memorable to those who had been at the club for those seasons.

The trophy was presented in the centre circle and the crowd chanted “Champions.” So much wild energy was in the air, it was hard not to get embroiled into the fever of excitement. Champagne was sprayed, players danced, coaches hugged and everybody partied.

A superb night for ADO, a title well deserved and won with two more games to play. Also coming up in May is the final of the ladies cup competition, is it the season of the double???

Attendance: 5, 800

ADO ladies 4 v 2 Telstar

Friday night was Ladies night at the Kyocera stadium. At 16.00 the stadium was opened for music and fashion shows to keep the people entertained before the 19.30 kick-off.

Why so early? Friday was a special night, for the first time, ADO were charging 5 Euros a tickets to watch the ladies play, and over 5000 people did, Part of the funds raised going to the charity ADO are strongly connected with “ Move Against Cancer.”

Before kickoff there were stores outside the stadium selling ADO souvenirs, drinks, mirrors and much, much more. Several shops from the city centre put on fashion shows which were well attended.

The atmosphere in the stadium was great, the noise generated by hundreds of girls under the age of twelve was high pitched and amazing, all added to the excitement. There were several “Mexican waves” that went around the stands that had everybody cheering loudly.

The game itself, the first half was a thrill a minute, end to end action. Goals from Renate Jansen in the eleventh minute put ADO on the road to victory. The bad news was Telstar had not read the script beforehand and equalized in the twenty sixth minute through Amber van der Heijde.

ADO took the lead again when Tessel Middag scored in the twenty eighth minute. Seven minutes later Telstar shocked the home side again by drawing level, Desiree van Lunteren getting the goal. Telstar had certainly come to make a match of this, when everybody else seemed to be expecting an easy victory for the home side.

With five minutes remaining until half time, Middag put ADO ahead once more and that was how the score stood at half-time. There was some great news at half-time coming from the FC Twente game, they were losing to FC Utrecht, so at that time, ADO were champions, but as Telstar had already proved, the championship wasn’t won yet.

The second half was a little less frenetic, although there were still plenty of goal mouth incidents, but nothing major. ADO got breathing space in the match when Kimberley Vermeij got ADO’s fourth and final goal in the seventy fifth minute.

A quick talk with Charlton Vicento

After the club training this morning I was able to grab a few minutes with ADO‘s flying winger/forward Charlton Vicento. The twenty one year old, born locally in Zoetermeer has been a strong factor in the ADO team over the past two seasons, seasons that have seen him develop into a fast paced aggressive forward with a lot of skill.

What do you think of your own performances this season?

I am happy with what I have done, I have scored six goals which makes me happy and is good for the team as we need to stay in the Eredivisie.

Why do you think ADO has struggled this season compared to last?

Last season was a very good season for us, everybody worked well together. This has been a bad season; at times we played well but did not get the result we deserved. A lot of the games have been close, so we have not been as bad as it looks.

How is the atmosphere in the dressing room compared to last season?

It is the same, the results are not good, but in the dressing rooms we are the same as before. We are friends and try to help each other always.

Away fro the football and ADO Den Haag duties, do you socialize with other players in your free time?

Yes we go out together as friends, not just as team mates. We go out in groups and enjoy ourselves as friends, it is not a planned thing to do by the club, it just happens, which is good, as it gives us a bond of strength.

You play with a lot of aggression and fight, a style suited to English football, would you like to play abroad at some point in your career?

I like to play aggressive and run and chase after everything. I want to fight for the club and for my team mates. Yes, I know it is the English way and of course I would love to play in England.

Even at the end of a game in which ADO have not played well, sometimes there are only a few players who will always go to all supporters and applaud them. Why do you do this?

Yes, I think it is important to go to the supporters. Gino, Ammi and myself know it is important to show the fans that we like how much they support us. The fans are a big part of ADO, and even when play bad, they still come and we thank them.

Where will you be watching the European Championships this summer?

I will be with my relatives in Curacao in the Caribbean on a beach in the sun, better weather than in Holland.

If Holland do not win the Championships, who Will?

Germany would win it.

Finally, I saw on your Face Book page that you had being doing some modeling this week? Something you are interested in doing?

Yes it is fun to do. My friend Elia has started up a business designing and making clothes with his girlfriend and asked me to do it.

So you enjoy modeling? And you would do it after football too?

(Laughs loudly) Yes, maybe something I can do along side football. It is good and I like it.

I just want to thank Charlton for taking time out to talk to me: A very charming young man; very polite with a good sense of humour. He is one of ADO’s brightest stars and is someone I hope they can keep under contract for many seasons to come. A top man!

Queens day market at the Kyocera Stadium

On Monday 30th April, the Dutch celebrate Queens Day. On this day tradition says that everybody can legally sell their unwanted items in the streets of cities across the country.

This year, for the first time, The ADO fan club have arranged for a market to be held in the stadium. This they hope will become a long standing tradition and want to welcome everybody to join in the fun.

The Market is open from 09.00-15.00 and you can sell all you want. The children will have their stalls under the inner ring inside the stadium, just in case of bad weather.

As well as the market there will be much more to see and do.

The access and parking is free.
There will be drinks for the children who are selling stuff.
Storky the ADO mascot will be present.
The Multifunctional Centre is open for drinks and sandwiches.
There are free inflatables and a football pitch to play on.

You can register for a selling place at

Meet ADO players at the Primera shop opening

The opening of the new revamped Primera shop at Theresiastraat 53 takes place this coming Sunday afternoon, the 29th starting at 14.00 until 17.00.

This is the shop that provides all ADO Den Haag supporters an easier way to get match tickets if you have no club card: A this is the only place in town, apart from the stadium itself, where you can purchase match tickets as long as you take some photo ID with you that would be photocopied along side the ticket.

There will much to do at the opening, a bouncy castle and entertainment for kids including glitter tattoos, free popcorn and much more. Also there will be a Russian fortune teller to help you pick your lucky numbers for the Queens Day lottery.

Now for the big news that will interest the ADO supporters. There will be a minimum of two players from the club there to sign autographs and have pictures taken with. The shop itself also sells a wide range of AD Den Haag souvenirs. There may be even more surprises!?

It’s a Sunday, nothing better on offer, so go along and enjoy the opening party, it will be a fun day.