ADO ladies win away at Ajax

Friday night saw the ladies of ADO Den Haag beat Ajax 1-2 after going a goal behind in the first half, In the second half ADO got the goals back to get the three points thanks to their great strike partnership of Renate Jansen and Libby Guess. A good crowd of 2,000 attended the match.

31. Daphne Koster 1-0, 46. Renate Jansen 1-1, 51. Libby Guess 1-2

Ziegler, new sponsors of the match day shorts

On Friday, November 16th at the Kyocera stadium a contract was signed with Ziegler Netherlands BV, part of the Ziegler Group. Ziegler, for the remainder of this season will sponsor the shorts worn by the players of ADO Den Haag on match day,  with an option for another year. The management and staff at ADO Den Haag are very proud that they have a large international company committed to ADO Den Haag. From this Saturday, the selection of ADO Den Haag will already have the Ziegler company logo on the shorts.

On behalf of Ziegler Netherlands BV the finance director John Dolman and CEO Willem Lodder were present at the signing and on behalf of ADO Den Haag’s, Justin Goetzee, commercial director.

Willem Lodder: “This is not only because of its beautiful colour scheme, but ADO and we also have the same objectives. Like ADO Den Haag, Ziegler Netherlands BV want to be at the top.”

Justin Goetzee: “It’s nice that we have Ziegler Netherlands BV with us, another international company that has joined ADO Den Haag. After the first interview, we noticed that both parties in terms of mentality work well together. ”

On Mondays ADO TV, a report from the signing will be shown.

What exactly is ZieglerGroup in business?

With more than 3,545 employees, 175 branches, 930,000 m² of warehouses and a billing figure of 1.488 billion € (2011), belongs ZIEGLER Group of the European leaders in the field of multimodal transport (road haulage, air, sea) and logistics.
Besides the Benelux, ZIEGLER is also located in France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Poland,Morocco, Tunisia, China and the Republic of South Africa. Outside its own sites, ZIEGLER, thanks its a powerful network of exclusive agents who know how to spread the Group worldwide.
ZIEGLER owes its strength, especially with the unity that exists between the companies and the particularly coherent performance delivered. The Group proposes a global offer for the whole logistics chain.

For more information about Ziegler and what they can do for you, please click HERE.

Big game weekend for ADO clubs

ADO Den Haag and ADO ladies both face tough test in their upcoming games. Tonight the ladies team travel to Amsterdam to take on Ajax ladies.

Saturday night in the Kyocera stadium, ADO face table topping PSV Eindhoven. Kick-off 18.45 and tickets are still available from the stadium ticket box on the night.


English translation of the AD article

Ten years ago Englishman Neal McClimon came to work and live in Holland. Being a football fan he wanted to be in the stadium every week and he ended up at ADO Den Haag. To introduce the club to other foreigners staying in the Netherlands he built his own website: ADO for Expats. Even Chinese can follow the team.

Nowadays Neal McClimon never misses a match of his club ADO Den Haag. He never would have guessed so ten years ago,  as he hardly knew anything about ADO at that time. Meeting his current  Dutch wife made him move to the Netherlands. In The Hague he also fell in love with the local football team.

The Hague has between 20.00 and 30.000 so called expats, who are temporarily staying there for work. Part of this group wants to follow the local football team, according to McClimon’s opinion. “But some do not even know ADO exists. Everybody knows Feyenoord, Ajax and PSV but just around the corner is another great club”. McClimon’s website is full of practical information about the stadium, ticket sales and attainability in several languages from Finnish to Chinese. Matchreports and news are posted in English. The match photo’s are being made by McClimon himself. “I asked ADO if I could translate parts of their official website so expats would also know what the club has to offer. Their reaction was very positive”. The website has been in existence since September 2011 and visiting numbers are growing steadily. Around match days McClimon welcomes as many as 250 foreign visitors per day. “People from the USA and New Zealand are amongst season tickets holders, I think that is just fantastic. Others will visit the stadium during a brief stay in The Netherlands. These fans are what keep me going”.

McClimon has always been a Liverpool fan but moving to Holland made him look for an alternative. He wanted a club he could follow on a weekly basis. He visited Heracles Almelo and NAC Breda. He was even a season ticket holder at Feyenoord but only for a year. “Each match I sat with the same people but we only exchanged maybe ten words. As a foreigner I did not feel very welcome there. Do not get me wrong, the atmosphere in the Kuip is great but I did not feel I belonged”. He does feel that way at ADO. He fell in love with the club when he visited his first match in the previous old stadium in Zuiderpark. “I was immediately impressed with the intense atmosphere. Fantastic. I have now been going to the Kyocera Stadium for nearly four years and I am still enjoying it immensely”. The Englishman does not miss any of the matches of his beloved club, form Groningen to Kerkrade, McClimon is there. Always on the side of the pitch with his camera around his neck. “Indeed, I have become a major ADO Den Haag fan. I hope more foreigners will discover the beauty of ADO”.

A big thank you to Helen McClimon for doing the translation!

ADO fans making another great impression

Nice piece of Roda JC on Facebook:


There was a nice gesture by a group of ADO Den Haag fans. For several years, a small group of ADO Den Haag fans have been coming to the Business club in the Parkstad Limburg Stadium, home of Roda JC Kerkrade

Maurice Steijn with Rino and the signed ball

Thus they have a good working relationship with the stewards in the main stand: Errol and Ton. The latter is unfortunately suffering with cancer. The group of ADO fans, led by Rino, were affected by this news and decided the day after Roda JC – ADO to giveTon a much needed boost. Thus Rino got the entire selection of ADO Den Haag to sign a ball and he then travelled with Errol last Monday back to Kerkrade specificall to give the ball to Ton.

A good example of supporters demonstrating that sport brings people together! Whether you’re a yellow and black or yellow-green heart, mutual respect is the best there is.

We wishTons a speedy recovery and Rino and other ADO fans, thank you for this wonderful gesture.

Beugelsdijk and van Duinen on the radio

On Wednesday evening in the Cafe ‘t Oude Gemaal, Mike va Duinen and Tom Beugelsdijk were the special guests of a live radio show presented on Radio Live Oranje. The event was organised by the fan groups ADO Fan Support and ADO Journaal.

Both players were totally relaxed as questions, many of them funny were directed at each of them. The players mixed brilliantly with the fans who turned up for the evenings entertainment. Fans both old and young posed for photos with the two ADO players. THe players sang and danced as the night came to an end. This is hoped to become a regular event and be held every six weeks. Well I certainly can’t wait until the next one. Do not be worried about feeling left out in the bar if you are an Expat like myself. My Dutch is lousy but I was welcomed by all and really enjoyed the night.

AD article goes Nationwide

As mentioned yesterday, there would be an article about in the AD newspaper today. Originally it was thought to be just in the Den Haag edition, but today it is actually in the sports section which goes nationwide. Almost a full page about ADOforExpats.

This should get some more attention to the site and then hopefully increase the ticket sales to expats in the area for ADO Den Haag..

ADOforExpats in the AD newspaper tomorrow

Today I was interviewed for the Den Haag edition of the AD newspaper. I have been told that it should be in this wednesdays edition! This is going to get the website a lot more exposure and will hopefully get more expats into the stadium! It will be in Dutch, so please translate it for all your expat friends.

This could be the picture used, but not sure. Photo by Jan de Groen