ADO ladies win historic match 3-0

History made at the Kyocera stadium

The build up to this historic footballing occasion has been growing around Europe since its conception. The first meeting of teams from different countries in the same league: Four each from Belgium and Holland. The governing body decided that the Kyocera stadium should hold the inaugural game of the joint part of the league.

The whole day was surrounded by media attention as the top faces from UEFA and the Dutch and Belgian football associations were in attendance. There were workshops at the stadium and plenty of other activities to keep all entertained until the big kick-off.

ADO ladies had got themselves into peak fitness after their winter break away to the sunny climate of Spain. Now after all the hype, would this game live up to the expectation? The crowd who had turned up in good numbers  despite the below freezing temperatures made for a good atmosphere as Kevin Blom blew the whistle to start a game that would go down in European footballing history.

ADO as expected were the stronger team from the off: Eagerly searching for opening in behind the Anderlecht defence. ADO’s Renate Jansen was in the mood for teasing the defensive resolve of the visitors, making run after run done both wings and turning the defenders inside out.

ADO held the midfield battle with ease with Sheila van den Bulk and Teresa Noyola being very dominant. The break through had to come sooner or later and in the twenty fifth minute ADO got the goal their play had deserved. A free-kick was despatched from twenty meters out by Jansen, reward for her hard running, 1-0.

ADO kept pushing forward leaving Anderlecht with no clear cut chances to speak of. They tried to play the long ball forward only to discover Barbara Lorsheyd in alert form to mop any danger away.

Either side of the half time whistle; ADO’s structure improved and more of the players began to exert even more pressure on a beleaguered Anderlecht side. The van der Veen twins began to move forward as a unit, tight and hard working, making sure no spaces where being left open behind the midfield.

In the fifty first minute ADO got an all important second goal. Nice play and a pass inside by Paola van der Veen saw Michelle Vrieling place her shot wide of the keeper, much to her delight. It has been a great week for Vrieling; she has also just been called up to train with the Dutch under 19 squad, 2-0.

Anderlecht got one great chance on goal. The ball broke nicely for Cynthia Broweys. She faced a one on one battle of nerves with Lorsheyd in the ADO goal. The keeper stood up strong and was able to block the shot. If that goal had have been scored, it could have had a major influence on the outcome on the result.

In the seventy fifth minute Jansen got her second goal after the visitors defence went AWOL. This goal did seal the game and Anderlecht heads began to drop. The Belgian side had come up against a team that were far fitter and at a playing peak, 3-0.

At the final whistle an impromptu snowball fight between the ADO ladies and their fans broke out. It is great to see the bond growing with every passing game. While this was going on, I spoke to Sarina Wiegman, the ladies head coach. She was happy with the win, but was still unhappy about some of the space Anderlecht had been allowed.  This is why ADO won the double last season, Sarina’s attention to every tiny detail means no weak spots.

ADO player of the match: Renate Jansen, she ran the Anderlecht defence ragged plus got two of the goals.

Attendance: 2,800

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