Vote for your players of the season!!

It is that time of year again. Yes vote for your ADOforEXPATS.COM player of the year. This time around due to the huge interest gained in the ladies team, there will now also be a trophy for the best female player too!

Billy Allwood of The has again kindly agreed to sponsor the awards. A website that has backed ADO for several years now.

Voting begins now and ends on 30th April. You can register your vote by replying to this post below, or by direct e-mail to or by going to the FaceBook page HERE.

126 thoughts on “Vote for your players of the season!!

  1. van Duinen, inspirational all season. Only seen a bit on TV of the ADO ladies, but as a good reason to vote, from what I have seen I will go for Jansen. Good luck with this idea, good for the players to know they are appreciated by the fans.

  2. Only been to 5 men’s games and 2 ladies games. But know who I want to vote for if that is ok?

    From the men’s team Mike van Duinen
    From the ladies team Michelle Vrieling

  3. My daughter and I wish to vote, we only go to ladies games when we can. I vote for Renate Jansen and my daughter Kerry for Paola van der Veen

  4. Hello

    I only go to ladies games and that is thanks to this website, I found it just after new year. I go with friends and we enjoy it very much. One day we want to go to a mens game. I will get my friends to vote too.

    I think the best lady player I have seen this year is Marelle Worm.

    Continue with this good website


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