A Swansea poets tribute to ADO

I have been contacted by Swansea City season ticket holder Noel Stephen Evans. He is a poet who has had a book of his work published. His love of ADO Den Haag has inspired him to write the following prowse. His book details can be found HERE.

There’s only one team, makes me feel so alive.


Who were formed way back, in 1905.


It was the birth of our beloved, great football team.


And the start of our, Ado Den Haag dream.




It was February 1st, when the plan was first seen.


At the Cafe Het Hof, Van Berlijn.


And in 1925, it was time to move on.


To our wonderful new home, our Zuiderpark Stadion.




We merged with Holland Sport, in 1971


Fc Den Haag, was the team we become.


In 1996, we were re-named back.


As the Ado Den Haag, were back to attack.




The Kyocera Stadium, was the new home for us.


As we destroy opponents, no problem, no fuss.


A 15,000 capacity, the place stands so tall.


The yellow and green army, giving their all.




We won two National titles, I’m sure you did see.


In 1942, and 1943.


In 68 and 75, our fans sang hup hup.


As we went on to win, the KNVB CUP.




So thank you to Happel, Loof and Boskov.


And Lex Schoenmaker, you all we think of.


For you we all chant, and with passion we sing.


Because we all say, Alles Door Oefening.



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