ADO ladies lose friendly

On Tuesday evening the ADO ladies team played a mens youth side, DHC (B-Juniors) in a friendly at the Kyocera stadium. Previously this season ADO ladies beat DHC 3-6 at their home ground in Delft, this game saw the men get revenge with a 0-2 win.

The game played in rain and high winds was no great spectacle for those who attended, but it was hard fought. The visitors took the lead in the twenty second minute when Dylan Malhoe scored. In the second half ADO ladies played in a much stronger fashion, creating several chances, but without a clinical finish. DHC finished the game off with their second goal scored by Gio Robles de Medina in the seventy ninth minute.

All in all, a good work out for the ladies team during a spell without any competative football in the BeNe league calendar due to International football.

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