ADO ladies player of the season is…………

On Tuesday afternoon at the home of DHC Delft, ADO ladies had their training session. Befofre they started I was able to present Renate Jansen with the ADOforEXPATS players of the season award sponsored by the Goudenregen Bar.

Renate has been in excellent goal scoring form again this season and has been the most consistant of the ladies. As well as her goal scoring prowess, her wing play has been outstanding had has assisted in many other goals scored by ADO ladies.

Despite suffering an illness which saw her miss a few games and not able to complete several others, her heart drive and passion kept her going.

Renate beat last years winner by just 20 votes, getting 23% of the toal vote. It was good to see that virtually every player recieve votes. The amount of votes cast is an increase on last season, showing that interest is indeed growing for the team.

Presentation photos courtesy and thanks to Helen Retel Helmrich

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