New investor for ADO Den Haag

This information came direct to me from a press release made by Mark van der Kallen

The Stadium Development Foundation (SSO), a major shareholder of ADO, announces that the Chinese football and sports company United Vansen International Sports Co have reached an agreement in principle on the acquisition of its shares in NV ADO Den Haag. The new investor is interested in further growth of ADO Den Haag financially and organizationally possible In the context of the Stadium Development Foundation and its directors Mark van der Kallen and Paul Beyer Bergen where approached and finally became willing to sell the shares ADO Den Haag.

The club was only six years ago on the edge of the abyss, both financially and sportingly. After major policy adjustments ADO Den Haag in recent years has becoming increasingly profitable and ranked higher in the Category 2 of financial league by the KNVB than some so called bigger clubs. Sales rose in that period from 7 to 15 million euros and takes the club into 8th position in the Netherlands. Since promotion in 2008, the club plays at the highest level, and three times finished in the top half of the League and also achieved European football.

Now an agreement ihas been reached in principle, is now time for the details of the transaction to be worked out. For the next one to two months until the time of the acquisition of ADO Den Haag is formally 100% complete, the Stadium Development Foundation and the new owner United Vansen will not make any official statements about the transaction or about the price United Vansen International Sports Co.. paid for the shares.

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