ADO ladies win season opener

On Friday evening in the Kyocera stadium, the ADO ladies team began their BeNe league campaign in style against the Belgian side RSC Anderlecht. The players were welcomed to loud cheers and streamers as they walked onto the pitch.

The game could not have started any better for the home side. After just 83 seconds, top pre season scorer Tessa Oudejans found herself in enough space to get a shot away and hit the back of the net, beating the Anderlecht keeper Diede Lemey at her near post, 1-0.

ADO continued the first half pushing the visitors back. In wide players Renate Jansen and Lineth Beerensteyn ADO had the fear factor, as time and time again they skipped passed desperate defenders. ADO had several chances to score, while only one shot was on target for the Belgian team. There certainly was a difference in class between the sides.

In the thirty eighth minute the two wingers combined to get ADO’s second. Jansen raced down the left wing before playing a cross field pass out wide to Beerensteyn on the right; she then beat her marker before firing the ball into the far corner, good calm finish, 2-0.

The hosts then coasted to half time with no problems at all. New captain Helene Heemskerk was marshalling her team mates as though she’d been the club leader for ages. All the new players fitting in really well. Signs of good things to come.

The second half was very much the same as the first. The ADO ladies were dominant, strong, aggressive in the tackle and searching to extend their lead. Chances came and went but it was from one clean break away that Anderlecht scored. In the sixty third minute Anaelle Wiard got clear and put the ball past Jennifer Vreugdenhil, 2-1.

There were a few more scares for ADO in the following ten minutes before normal service was resumed. ADO went for it and Beerensteyn, Jansen, Kitty Susan and Paola van der Veen going close with some great shooting, Lemey in the visitors goal was kept busy.

ADO never stopped pushing forward and deep into injury time ADO got their well deserved third. A cross from the right was met by the head of Vesna Veltrop, the ball directed low into the bottom corner giving Lemey no chance, 3-1.

Final whistle lead to huge smiles across the faces of players, staff and fans alike. A great start to the season, things are looking bright for the ADO ladies, going to be in for a good exciting season.

Attendance: 700

ADO player of the match: Tessa Oudejans

ADO ladies team: Jennifer Vreugdenhil, Daphne in ’t Veld, Hélène Heemskerk ©, Paola van der Veen, Yvette van der Veen, Nadia van Beerschoten (64. Vesna Veltrop), Lineth Beerensteyn, Judith Frijlink (76. Tula de Wit), Renate Jansen, Tessa Oudejans, Kitty Susan.

Update about the new ADO Managing director

Maarten Fontein begins his new post on Monday, September 1st as the Managing director at ADO Den Haag, but has already been very active in the last few days, to take on tasks and delving into ADO Den Haag and the current situation regarding its acquisition. With his arrival, there is now a direct contact for Mr. Wang from United Vansen within the organization of the club.

The club would like you to share with everybody some necessary background information.

Maarten Fontein: “About a month ago I was asked if I was willing to help as a result of a) the decision of Mr Jansen to leave the club and b) the imminent transfer of ownership of 98% ADO Den Haag of the shares to United Vansen. I did not have to think long about it and then I offered to help so that first, all parties can get used to each other and see if the engagement can lead to marriage. This is for a period of 4 months After all, I  know the new owner is good for the beating heart of ADO Den Haag.

For me were a number of conditions are important:
1) The nomination of me as director had to be carried unanimously by the new owner, the old owner and the Supervisory Board. This is important because one of the main tasks of mine will be to guide them through the transition. A team spirit and a shared agenda is paramount: ADO DEN HAAG MUST REMAIN GOOD IN SPORTS AND BUSINESS PERFORMANCE without any disturbance.

2) The vision of Mr. Wang must be in line with my thoughts on the future of ADO Den Haag. Where does the club sit now? Seven years ago, ADO Den Haag was almost bankrupt, we should thank Mr. Van der Kallen, the Municipality of The Hague, the RVC and all concerned supporters and sponsors, all volunteers and paid staff a compliment for all their efforts that have resulted in a stable middle position in the Eredivisie, a good transition from the old Zuiderpark stadium to the Kyocera Stadium and a significantly better financial position than seven years ago. The shareholders of ADO Den Haag now had an important decision: we continue to grow at the same rate as in recent years with autonomy or we can grow slightly faster the sports and business side of things and that is what is needed.

Personally, I believe in that faster growth: The Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands and has a huge hinterland such as the city of The Hague, of course, Westland, de Bolllenstreek, Zoetermeer, with a large amount of amateur clubs. In addition, The Hague has an international character and there are many local and international companies.

Both visions are shared by the Chinese partner United Vansen. The vision is to realize the important targets of the growth: ADO Den Haag football club is central to ADO Den Haag Corporate and ADO Den Haag Club Culture as building blocks which should make. the growth of the club possible. ADO Den Haag Football Clucb is made ​​up of a triangular technical heart, The Youth, Scouting and the first team.

3) With regard to the short and long term, the focus is initially on ADO Den Haag and perhaps the possibilities to convey through exchanges of coaches / players / programs, the football know-how to China via ADO. For all parties, this order is the only correct way to move forward, a good in the first step, and then make the next step.

The highest priorities for me the next time:

1) Continuation of the current operation and getting a full stadium is a top priority.
2) To proceed with retention of the ADO Den Haag Culture. Bridging the current owner to the new owner gradually
3) Getting to know ADO Den Haag in its totality and to prepare the future plans, including an investment plan.

Where are we now in the process of transfer of ownership?

On July 17, the contracts between the current and new owner were signed by notaries and in a period of 6-8 weeks agreed for payment. It is good to know for anyone who is interested in this acquisition, that all contracts in Chinese must be translated and a further complexity of transferring the money from China to foreign country, involving many government regulations, but everyone is keen to do to get it done quickly.

Normally it takes much longer, at least a year or more, and here we want to achieve it within 8 weeks, so this is a complex situation, which we especially need to keep the peace. We all hope that it is done as quickly as possible, but this 8 week period runs until mid-September. For now the money is parked on a neutral sofa, waiting to be released for the acquisition.

In recent times it has been difficult to reach the public about the acquisition because it is a matter between the SSO Foundation of Mark van der Kallen and United Vansen of Mr. Wang. Because of my appointment, and my experience with the Chinese business community, ADO Den Haag now has a direct representative who is in touch with Mr. Wang.

ADO Den Haag can now provide better information as of now. Mr. Chun Li has helped us tremendously so far. Mr. Wang had asked him to act between Mark van der Kallen and himself. As a connecting factor Mr. Li has brought the current and new shareholder together and then helped where possible, primarily to break language barriers. From his business he is used to building bridges between China and Europe.

We want to emphasize that Mr Li and his company stands apart from United Vansen and in his role as sponsor of the youth team will remain with the club. He has also shown where help would be needed. Rob Meppelink has had good contact with Henk Fraser from the GFA and in particular Rob will now also be retained for the youth side.

I start full of fresh energy in this nice job at ADO Den Haag and on behalf of the club would like to thank Mr. Li for his efforts in linking the parties involved. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Piet Jansen for his efforts to get the company financially sound and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

If you have any questions please contact us via or ADODenHaag on Twitter. We ask you for a bit of patience, the further plans with the Chinese owner will be shared with you  as soon as they are fully understood. I hope my story has given you some insight.”

ADO fixtures this week

ADO Den Haag travel to Leeuwarden to take on SC Cambuur this coming Saturday. ADO go in to the game full of confidence after a great winning performance against FC Groningen last Sunday. ADO’s squad has been boosted by the addition of returning fan favourite Timothy Derijck. Will he go straight in to the team? Zuiverloon and Kanon looked great together last week and would have 100% remained the pairing as Vito Wormgoor is side lined through injury. Will Henk Fraser change a winning team to fit Derijck in? Will have to wait and see.

ADO ladies start their BeNe league season on Friday night with a game at home to RSC Anderlecht. Many new faces, but as the pre season has been so successful, there seems to be much optimism about the coming campaign. Entry is FREE!! and some nice things are planned by the supporters, so worth going along, especially if you have not been before.

Derijck returns to ADO

The signing of Timothy Derijck has been  officially sealed! The central defender signed his contract on Wednesday morning and immediately joined the squad for training. The 27year old Belgian signed for two years with an option for another year.
Derijck previously played  for 2 1/2 years for our club. He was one of the pillars in the very successful season of 2010/2011 when ADO qualified for European football was achieved.
That success earned him a transfer to PSV. As a young talent of the Belgian national team, he went to Feyenoord as a youngster and then played on loan at NAC Breda and FCV Dender in Belgium. PSV  last season loaned him out to FC Utrecht. Derijck will be available to play for the team this weekend.
Above photo courtesy of ADO Den Haag

Another Facebook milestone reached

Great news about the growing popularity of This site has reached 700 likes on the social media website. Supporter of the ADO men’s and ladies teams.

A quick rise from 600. Also, this month has been the busiest visitors wise since this website started. This is great news for the club, especially with the possibility of a Chinese takeover. This website has had a Chinese page since day one. So hopefully more expats will go to games and spend money on tickets and maybe even more? Please help to spread the word of ADO Den Haag to the expat community and get some more investments. Like the FB page HERE.

This time around a special thank you to Ricardo of the Midden Noord for promoting the site via his tweets and fb posts. All very much appreciated!

ADO appoint new managing director

At the General Meeting of Shareholders of ADO Den Haag. The Supervisory Board has nominated Maarten Fontein to be the new managing director. Maarten Fontein follows on from Piet Jansen, who recently announced his departure by 1st September.

The appointment is for an interim period of four months. That period would help United Vansen, the  future majority shareholders to better familiarize themselves with the organization of ADO Den Haag.

ADO Den Haag is gaining a director with extensive experience in Dutch football. Maarten Fontein lived for years in The Hague and has been very socially active. He also lived and worked for years in China. After his career at Unilever, he held the Directors/president positions with various football clubs (Royal HC&VV, Ajax and AZ) and he was a board member of the ECA (European Club Association), FIFA and UEFA committees.

ADO’s ladies season starts this Friday

This coming Friday evening, the 29th August in the Kyocera stadium, the ADO ladies team begin the new BeNe league season at home to RSC Anderlecht. Kick-off is at 19:30 and you can watch this game for FREE!!!!

At the end of last season the ladies team bid farewell to many of their top players, noticeably keeper Barbara Lorsheyd, forward Lisanne Grimberg and club captain Lucienne Reichardt. Not only players departed, the highly successful and respected manager Sarina Wiegman was tempted to go to the KNVB (Dutch football association.) Despite the losses, ADO ladies have restructured the management side of things. Former assistant Marcel Valk promoted to the top job with his new assistant Lydia de Vos.

The build up to the new season has gone extremely well. They have won all five games, not just against other female sides either, they have taught male youth teams a lesson or two. They have scored a total of 16 goals and conceded only 3. So it looks as though both ends of the team are sorted and raring to go. It looks as though with Tessa Oudejans and Renate Jansen up front, the goals are going to be flying in.

So please do try to go along and support the ladies team of ADO Den Haag, remember, it is free! Also the atmosphere team will be making each game a spectacle from now on. So each night will be that bit more special!

A view from the Midden Noord

Our great videographer Pijnacker01 is back after missing the Feyenoord game due to holiday, bad timing! ADO v FC Groningen being his first of this season.

He shoots from his usual seat on the north side of the stadium and captures the atmosphere inside the Kyocera stadium. Now this should tempt you in to your local stadium to support your very own local team. “COME ON THE HAGUE!”