Shake up in the ADO boardroom

Five of the six members of the current Board of ADO Den Haag have resigned at the request of the new shareholder who returns on Thursday 29th January. This was done on a voluntary basis. The Commissioner, Jan Willem Wigt remains on the board appointed from the HFC ADO Den Haag.

Supervisory Board Chairman Henk Jagersma said “We are particularly proud that we have contributed to ADO Den Haag, taking it from a very difficult financial situation to a healthy and flourishing club that there is now. After this intensive period we thought it was a good idea to move to the next stage for ADO Den Haag by getting in some new people. Our heart remains with the club and we wish the new owners every success in the further development of this great club.

ADO Den Haag, through managing director Maarten Fontein, thanks very much all the commissioners for their many efforts in recent years that have enabled ADO Den Haag to take the next step into its glorious history.

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