Most read page on ADO for Expats

Going through this website’s statistics shows that one article on this site has been read way more than any other, “Is it safe at ADO?” This has been viewed a total of 2,367 times as of right now.

I have been sent emails from people expressing their thanks, as they were unsure about visiting the stadium, but after reading this page, they felt they should give it a try. Nobody has yet said how wrong it is, only positive feed back about how safe they felt and how enjoyable the experience was.

So if you still have not visited a home game of ADO Den Haag, please click HERE to read how safe watching ADO Den Haag really is.

2 thoughts on “Most read page on ADO for Expats

  1. Couldn’t agree more, I have been several times and have had no problem what so ever. I am going to Feyenoord today on the buscombi – hope that is as safe!

    • Thanks for the response. Enjoy the game tomorrow, it is always a great atmosphere and usually a cracker of a match. Gr N

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