ADO for Expats travels with the fans to Groningen tomorrow

I do get asked how can I say how safe it is for an expat to be at ADO games? Especially as I sit on the pitch away from the supporters. Well tomorrow ADO for Expats will going with the Auto combi for the long drive to Groningen.

So there will be no match photos, but there will be a write up on what it is like to go away with the ADO support. I will be in the away end (Uitvak) so not on the pitch and away from them all. I am looking forward to it. Hopefully after you read of my experience, you may then believe how good it is to be a supporter of our local football team.

2 thoughts on “ADO for Expats travels with the fans to Groningen tomorrow

  1. Will be interesting to read of your experience, particularly of any pre and post match mixing with the Groningen fans – And no, not agro, I mean pubs, friendly banter and friendly engagement. I have NEVER seen this at ANY Dutch game and I have been to a dozen or so grounds. As an exiled Southend United fan I now have an ADO season ticket, but get home for the odd SUFC game. The away following in the Eredivisie is in my view really poor, though admittedly there are many restrictions on the travelling. As a comparison, I went to League 2 Morecambe v Southend from Amsterdam lat year (250 SUFC fans, a 564 mile round trip for Blues fans according to Google) and this season (Feb 15) to Portsmouth (1250 fans in a 15,500 League 2 crowd!). Not knocking those fans who do travel, but ‘away days’ seem to bear no comparison to games in England.

    • Had a fantastic day with the ADO fans. You are right, being an away fan in Holland is not that good an experience as in UK or Germany, where you do see fans mixing in pubs etc. Security is very tight here, but the day itself away with the ADO fans was great fun. They sang for the whole 95 minutes, lots of humour, no problems at all. If you have not travelled with the club yet, I recommend you do so. I really loved it.

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