ADO season tickets, the more sold, the cheaper they become

At the time of posting this article, AQDO Den Haag had sold 3874 Seasontickets! Otherwise known as Season Club Cards (SCC)

The action “The more Season Club Cards, the more discount” will be repeated this year for the second time! Unfortunately, last year the club did not reach the minimum limit of 5,500, but the club have every confidence that season they will reach the desired number of fans! All fans of ADO Den Haag can therefore themselves ensure that the 2015-2016 Season Club Card is cheaper! It’s very simple; The more Season Club Cards that are sold, the more of a discount everyone will get!

With total sales of 5,500 Season Club Cards everyone gets a discount of 10%. If 6,500 is reached, then it is 15% off. At 7,500 sales it becomes a discount of 20% and if the club sells 8,500 or more Season Club cards, the discount for everyone is a huge 25%! That means the can ensure the Season Club Cards are as cheap as possible, a great incentive. The amount that could be saved by  Season Club Card holders can be up to €73.75!

If all current Season Club Card holders can tempt one extra person to take a Season Club Card, then everyone gets over 25% off the amount of the Season Club Card! So go out and invite your friends and family members to join you watching your local tream.

Please note, at the time of purchase, you will pay the full season ticket price. At the cut off date in December, what ever discount is reached, it will be refunded into your bank accounts.

To see how the season ticket sales are going, follow the link HERE

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