Kyocera friendlies free for ADO season ticket holders

On July 25th and 31st  the Kyocera Stadium will play host tpo the final two pre-season friendlies in the build up to the new season. These two matches will be free to watch for Season ticket holders. So if you still have doubts about wanting to buy a season ticket (SCC), you now have an incentive to buy now and get extar games thrown in for FREE!!

For both matches, the following admission prices for non Season ticket holders are as follows

At the stadium box office: €7.50 for adults and €5.00 for kids.
Via E-ticketing: 6.50 for adults and 4.00 for kids.

The start date of the ticket sales will be announced soon.

The free access applies upon presentation of the season ticket hard card. If your card is not in your possession yet, you can on match day take a copy of your completed season ticket application form to the info desk situated in front of the supporters home in the Haaglanden Stand (Midden Noord) to pick up a free ticket.

First, the Haaglanden Stand will be opened, if this should be full, then the Aad Mansveld Stand will open up.

Parking at both matches is free at P1, P2 and P3.

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