Time table for ADO open day

On Saturday 1st August,  ADO Den Haag holds its annual Open Day! In and around the Kyocera Stadium there has been a lot organized for fans young and old! The new squad will be presented, there will be all kinds of activities and stalls on Heldenplein, the stadium is open for a tour which includes a unique glimpse into the home dressing room and as icing on the cake there is a performance by De Kraaien. After the presentation and the appearance of De Kraaien there is ample opportunity to meet your heroes and make pictures. Set the Open Day on 1 August so bold on your calendar!

Full program Open Day 2015
09.30: Start of Open Day at Heldenplein
09.30: Start of clinics in the stadium (clinics are already fully booked)
10.30: Start of stadium tour with unique visit to the home dressing room and the players home
11.00: 538 roadshow on Heldenplein
12.30: End of clinics and stadium tour
13.00: Presentation of ADO Ladies
13.15: Hitz Kidz DJ
13:45: Presentation of ADO squad 2015-2016
14.30: Performance by De Kraaien
14.45: Start of Selfie session with the squad at all attractions
15.00: Performances by Samantha Steenwijk, John Medley and DJ Bronx
17.00: End of Open Day

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