Visit the ADO Den Haag Museum during the Museum Night

This year for the first time the ADO Den Haag Museum will be open during the annual Museum Night in The Hague. On Saturday, 5th September, this year will be the sixth edition of this event. Between 20:00 pm and 1:00 am you will be able to visit the newest museum of The Hague in the Kyocera Stadion.

On the second floor of the Kyocera Stadium you will be able to see the entire history of ADO Den Haag football club. That history goes back to 1905. All the glorious periods of the club will be discussed extensively. The people who are not big football fans, also get their monies worth. Indeed, there is also much to see about the history of the city of The Hague. At 20.15, 21.15 and 22.15 there will be guided tours. That will not only show you the museum, but also the players tunnel, changing rooms, a sponsor private box, the press room, the Senaatskamer and the command centre.

Visitors arriving by car can park for free at the Kyocera Stadion. There is also a possibility to make use of the Museum Night bus. Tickets for the event cost €15:00 and can be purchased through the following website

With the ticket everyone has access to the forty institutions in The Hague that are open during Museum Night.

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