Extra security measures at ADO v Vitesse

Due to the horrific events in Paris last week, on Friday morning there was an agreement reached between ADO Den Haag and the local authorities, which have shown that there are no indications that give cause for some concern in connection with the ADO Den Haag v Vitesse game this Sunday. However, ADO Den Haag will stick to the earlier reports that there will be tightened security in and around the Kyocera stadium.

In response to these increased controls at the Kyocera the stadium will all be opened at 14.45. This is due to the body searches of fans. ADO Den Haag calls for supporters to arrive at the stadium to avoid queues. They also want to ask you minimize unnecessary such as bags etc as they will also have to be thoroughly searched. ADO Den Haag offers in advance its apologies for any delays caused.

The game between ADO Den Haag and Vitesse will be preceded by a minute’s silence in memory of the victims and survivors of last weeks terrorist attacks, please show your respect and support.

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