ADO ladies and Fight Cancer join forces

The ADO Den Haag Foundation for Women’s Football and Fight Cancer are joining forces to create a joint stand against cancer. Cooperation should encourage movement and contribute to implementing the social commitment of the ADO Den Haag Women.

By entering into partnerships with sports clubs, Fight Cancer promotes a healthy lifestyle and in the Netherlands, people can be made aware of the fight against cancer.  Limore Noach, director of Fight cancer: “One in three Dutch people develop cancer. The figures indicate that cancer is not far from us all. Cancer touches everyone. At this time, an average of 62% of all patients are surviving after five years of dicovering cancer. In 1945 this was only 25%. So we make progress, but are not there yet. Only through research and prevention can we further reduce cancer and bring it under control. We are therefore very pleased with the great cooperation with ADO Den Haag Women. They shine like us with strength and positivity. We want to inspire more young people together, engage and raise awareness of the fight against cancer. Our dream is that one day cancer is not deadly. So everyone can enjoy life.”

The Foundation of ADO ladies aims to promote women’s football in the Hague region by attracting talented players and giving them the chance to get professional sports training. The players act as real Haagse Powervouwen (Strong women of the Hague)  and are thereby an inspiration to women and girls in the region. The connection with that specific audience utilizes ADO ladies to draw attention to the number one cause of death in the Netherlands: cancer.

Ryan Spencer, Board member of the Foundation ADO Den Haag Women’s Football: “It is completely logical for us to enter into the agreement with Fight Cancer, because this organization make society aware of the tremendous positive power of people who have had to deal with this disease. We like to help them to increase that awareness! “

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