ADO identify suspects of racist chanting

ADO Den Haag has to date identified 22 individuals who were guilty of insulting and discriminatory chanting at Sunday’s clash between ADO Den Haag and Ajax . These are the first results of a study launched on Monday. This research resulted in the first instance, a perpetrator group of between 20-30 people, of which 22 have now  been identified. The advanced video surveillance equipment at ADO Den Haag that has been in operation for a number of years has once again allowed the rapid identification.

The 22 perpetrators with immediate effect will be banned from the stadium for an indefinite period until the time they will be given final sentencing by ADO Den Haag or the KNVB. These individuals are now prohibited from attending games home and away involving ADO Den Haag. The perpetrators have been written to about the sanctions. With this letter, the identified persons are also informed of the intention of ADO Den Haag to recover any financial loss suffered by the perpetrators.

Early next week a delegation from the KNVB will visit the Kyocera Stadium to take note of the results. ADO Den Haag will also start next week present the research results at the request of the Public Prosecutor. The prosecution will assess whether the results indicate sufficient grounds for a criminal prosecution.

One thought on “ADO identify suspects of racist chanting

  1. That was expected they will never learn i always say Don’t shout sertain things guys
    they will remove you from stadion also a bad thing is calling the referee stupid things
    All referee’s are coming to Den Haag with already in mind 1 thing about my mama and i will whistle against them So Stupid
    Now calling “Wang” bad names is this really clever calling our invester bad names?
    1st “Van Kalle: en now “Wang”
    “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you would say”
    “Wang”only wants control over his money and not deposit 3 Mil and then the foxes of ADO start stealing like they have been doing for years.

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