From China to Paris via ADO Den Haag

Marc of fame was able to meet one lucky Chinaman last week. Marc asked if I would be interested the story as it is an ex[at related tale. So thank you Marc and here it is.

With his entire luggage, Pei Li, a 36-year-old Chinaman from Beijing who has run many marathons come to do one thing and that was to visit the Kyocera stadium in The Hague. He wanted to do one thing during his European trip (three days visiting museums and Amsterdam three days Paris) and that was to meet his favorite Japanese player, Mike Havenaar.

Pei Li runs marathons and Sunday in Paris was his 30th. The marathon in Paris, together with those in Berlin, Chicago, New York and London, are the main five marathons in the world. Previously he run marathons in Tokyo and Chicago.

Li visited at the end of a training after spending €200 in the stadium fan shop and bought three match shirts and several other items, including stuff from the Fan Support shop. The shirts and soccer were provided by Havenaar a signature and obviously proud Pei Li was also to be photographed with his idol. Mike Havenaar his footballing idol was happy to sign shirts and pose for some photos. One of “The must have shirts” was worn during Sunday’s marathon. 

Pei Li, who spoke broken English was able to tell other fans why he was in the stadium. He was warmly welcomed and given lots of stickers, which he immediately stuck onto his luggage. Li revealed that he is very well aware of the fact that a Chinese company owns ADO Den Haag and in his own words “Half China knows ADO has a Chinese owner, and we are proud of it!

On Monday evening Marc published the photographs of Pei Li at the end of his marathon, wearing his Mike Havenaar shirt. then got another message from Pei Li.


On April 9, I attended the Paris Marathon as a fan of ADO Den Haag.

Prior to the marathon, I met my king of football: Mike Havenaar.

I myself had expected to run the marathon in about four hours, but the course was extremely difficult, because after about 29 km I injured my ankle did not manage to get my expected time. But I did not give up and ran the final 13 km with the injury!

During the race I thought of giving up. But when I realized that I represented ADO Den Haag, I was determined to walk the last 10 km. Moreover, I wore a special football shirt. So I had to finish!

The performance of the ADO Den Haag this season have not been very satisfactory, but one football season is like a marathon race. It does not matter if the performance is good or not, if all the players and staff only show courage, including Havenaar, who has scored fewer goals than last year. I have every confidence in the team and Mike Havenaar and wait in China in the good news of every victory.

Here I would like to greet everyone and I hope that my marathon medal that I got despite my injury,  will inspire you. I sincerely hope that he will score as many goals.

c \ 吹 候
Yǔ Chengzhi the wènhòu (with genuine greeting)


Pei Li was unable to improve his record time of four hours, but despite his injured ankle he still finished in a time of 5,20.06!


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