ADO react to publication in national media

We regret the picture painted by the Voetbal International magazine that has outlined the situation at ADO Den Haag. The club does not recognize the article and regrets it, as it contains many inaccuracies.

At present, a balanced and sustainable solution between the management of ADO Den Haag and UVS is being worked on, both financially and governance, and of course, according to the KNVB rules. Because this process has not yet been completed, it is not possible to respond fully.

ADO Den Haag still hopes to present the new policy plan before summer. At that moment, the club will also come out with the right facts.

“Job van der Have and I as the staff appointed by the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court do not recognize the anonymous criticism of Director Manders.” According to Ben Knüppe, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ADO Den Haag.

“A substantive response is not useful at the moment. We should not disturb the process. However, I value it enough to make it clear that commercial steps are being taken in the commercial sector. We hope and expect to see that soon. But a breeding chicken should not disturb you,” said General Director Mattijs Manders in a short response.

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