ADO continues with Basic-Fit and says goodbye to Kyocera

From next season, the name of the new main sponsor is Cars Jeans and will be on the front of the ADO Den Haag shirts and will be the name of the stadium later. The current main sponsor, Basic-Fit, will still be closely involved in ADO this coming season. The fitness center gets its name on the back of the match day shirts.

General Director of ADO, Mattijs Manders: “Basic-Fit has made a significant contribution to the growth of ADO Den Haag in the last six seasons. We are very grateful to them for their contribution to ADO Den Haag. We are pleased that we are not saying goodbye. We continue to take care of each other and to continue the cooperation. We can be proud of such a loyal and sporting partner as Basic-Fit.”

John Verhouden, Sales & Marketing Manager at Basic-Fit, understands that ADO Den Haag will continue with their new main sponsor Cars Jeans in the next season. “It is a unique opportunity for ADO Den Haag, so we are happy to accommodate the new sponsor. Basic-Fit is a warm heart for ADO and we are therefore pleased that we can continue to support the club as a back sponsor. We are pleased with the cooperation and move forward.”

Within the foreseeable future, Kyocera’s name will disappear after seven seasons at the stadium. Since 2011, the 48 meter long led light advertising with the stadium name on the roof has been visible from far away. At the end of 2010, KYOCERA Document Solutions Nederland and ADO Den Haag signed an agreement. Manders looks back on a beautiful period. “Seven years is quite a long time. By having such a strong name as Kyocera at the stadium, we have achieved many ambitions. The highlight is undoubtedly the solar panel roof at the stadium that Kyocera has produced and delivered. The 2,900 solar panels Deliver 50% of ADO’s annual power consumption. I would like to thank Kyocera for a successful period.”

Etienne Hendriks, managing director of KYOCERA Document Solutions Netherlands: “With pain in my heart, I say goodbye to the Kyocera Stadium. It will be strange to me to drive to the Prince Claus Plein and to see another name at our stadium. We have been working very well with ADO Den Haag for many years and have considered the stadium as our second home. We are pleased for ADO Den Haag and welcome a new name, we wish them all the best.”

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