Ockel Computers, a new sponsor on the back of ADO’s shirt

ADO Den Haag has found a back sponsor in addition to that of Basic-Fit. The innovative Hague computer brand Ockel Computers signed the sponsorship agreement earlier this month and will be shown on the back of the shirts (under the number) from August. Ockel Computers has been sponsoring ADO Den Haag since the 2015/2016 season.

Ockel Computers develops complete computers that are as small as a smartphone. The Hague start-up comes from successful entrepreneur Tim Haaksma, who also owns Avanca International, one of Europe’s fastest-growing technology companies, and has also sponsored ADO Den Haag for several years. Haaksma left his contract with Philips in 2007 to start for himself. He has always been inspired by top sport. “In my eyes, business and top sport have a lot to do with each other. It comes from a passion, it’s hard work, you have to make a lot of sacrifices and good results are not obvious.”

The strategic partnership with ADO Den Haag is exactly the right time for the entrepreneur from Voorburg. “With Ockel Computers, over the past year and a half, we have been involved in more than $1.25 million of crowdfunding to develop and market our revolutionary Windows 10 mini PCs. In the meantime, our first two models have sold successfully and the Ockel Sirius A, our third innovation, is in production at the end of summer, and now it’s time to announce our brand to the general public. The Eredivisie, with its weekly 5 million unique viewers, is the perfect tool for this. Over 85% of our current customers are men, so top-level football is a great place to highlight Ockel Computers, both nationally and internationally.”

Haaksma was as a boy of six already with his father behind the goal of ADO Den Haag. In 2015, he moved the office of Ockel Computers to one of the Hague’s sky boxes. “A football stadium is a very inspiring environment to work. Especially for a company that deals with innovation, that’s extra important.”

General Director Mattijs Manders of ADO Den Haag: “We are very pleased that we have found a second back sponsor in Ockel Computers next to Basic-Fit. Tim Haaksma has been a well-known sponsor of ADO Den Haag and it is great that he is expressing his trust in the club through the back sponsorship. Ockel Computers is also a real Hague company. We like to see that, a successful local entrepreneurs who gives ADO Den Haag a warm heart. We look forward to a successful partnership.

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