Get your tickets for ADO v Ajax

Next Sunday at 14.30, the “Match of the Year” takes place against Ajax. A game that you do NOT want to miss! And of course you can be there!

Via the ADO Den Haag E-ticketing website it is very easy to buy tickets RIGHT NOW!!! Select the match and the block, pay for the tickets with Ideal and print your tickets!

You can only order cards for this match if you have a Season ticket or an ADO club card. Both Season ticket Holders and Club Card Holders can order TWO tickets for this match.

Season ticket Holders receive a 10% discount, Club Card receive a 5% discount on single tickets via E-ticketing. Now go HERE to buy your ticket today so that you’re their on Sunday to experience a great atmosphere.!


Aad Mansveld F – J
Adults € 26,00
Kids up to 12 € 19,00
Haaglanden K – S
Adults € 34,50
Kids up to 12 € 24,00
Lex Schoenmaker (T) en U-W
Adults € 24,00
Kids up to 12 € 18,00
Eretribune A/C
Adults and youths € 50,00


Around the Cars Jeans Stadium there are three parking areas: P1, P2 / P2VIP and P3

P2 / P2VIP and P3 are intended for match days for people with a parking ticket (for example sponsors). P1 is accessible to everyone on match days. Charges for parking on P1 are € 10.


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