KNVB Prosecutor demands five game ban for a Beugelsdijk

The prosecutor for the KNVB has demanded a suspension of five games on Thursday evening against ADO Den Haag’s Tom Beugelsdijk. That’s an extra match above the four game ban he was initially imposed.
The prosecutor believes that the defender must be punished because of a supposed elbow in the final stages of the match against NAC Breda last Saturday. Despite the fact that no statements from match officials were received from Breda, meaning the alleged offence was not observed. The prosecutor found this five-match claim was warranted. TV images have formed the basis of his argument.

Because a conviction according to the rules of the KNVB can only be pronounced on the basis of two supporting documents, the prosecutor also submitted the statement of NAC player Mari as evidence. However, NAC’s players only managed to say Tom Beugelsdijk was in control.

ADO Den Haag Director Mattijs Manders, together with Tom Beugelsdijk, took charge of the defense. He instructed the Disciplinary Board on the absence of the second evidence needed and attempted to show that the refereeing quartet had perceived and assessed the situation on the basis of TV images combined with an audio recording of the intercom of the man in charge. Referee Mulder and assistant Kleinjan told Zeist that they did not see the action.

Tom Beugelsdijk talked about the duel to the ball and declared he didn’t feel and only made a powerful jump to get up. The disciplinary committee of the KNVB will make a statement regarding this on Friday morning.

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