ADO Family/open day on 6th August

Add this date to your agendas. ADO Den Haag’s family/open day takes place on Sunday 6th August.

There will be various football clinics, activities, performances and of course the players presentation, as always it promises to be a great day!

Watch the website as more details are announced.

ADO continues with Basic-Fit and says goodbye to Kyocera

From next season, the name of the new main sponsor is Cars Jeans and will be on the front of the ADO Den Haag shirts and will be the name of the stadium later. The current main sponsor, Basic-Fit, will still be closely involved in ADO this coming season. The fitness center gets its name on the back of the match day shirts.

General Director of ADO, Mattijs Manders: “Basic-Fit has made a significant contribution to the growth of ADO Den Haag in the last six seasons. We are very grateful to them for their contribution to ADO Den Haag. We are pleased that we are not saying goodbye. We continue to take care of each other and to continue the cooperation. We can be proud of such a loyal and sporting partner as Basic-Fit.”

John Verhouden, Sales & Marketing Manager at Basic-Fit, understands that ADO Den Haag will continue with their new main sponsor Cars Jeans in the next season. “It is a unique opportunity for ADO Den Haag, so we are happy to accommodate the new sponsor. Basic-Fit is a warm heart for ADO and we are therefore pleased that we can continue to support the club as a back sponsor. We are pleased with the cooperation and move forward.”

Within the foreseeable future, Kyocera’s name will disappear after seven seasons at the stadium. Since 2011, the 48 meter long led light advertising with the stadium name on the roof has been visible from far away. At the end of 2010, KYOCERA Document Solutions Nederland and ADO Den Haag signed an agreement. Manders looks back on a beautiful period. “Seven years is quite a long time. By having such a strong name as Kyocera at the stadium, we have achieved many ambitions. The highlight is undoubtedly the solar panel roof at the stadium that Kyocera has produced and delivered. The 2,900 solar panels Deliver 50% of ADO’s annual power consumption. I would like to thank Kyocera for a successful period.”

Etienne Hendriks, managing director of KYOCERA Document Solutions Netherlands: “With pain in my heart, I say goodbye to the Kyocera Stadium. It will be strange to me to drive to the Prince Claus Plein and to see another name at our stadium. We have been working very well with ADO Den Haag for many years and have considered the stadium as our second home. We are pleased for ADO Den Haag and welcome a new name, we wish them all the best.”

Cars Jeans the new main sponsor of ADO Den Haag

ADO Den Haag has found a new main sponsor in Cars Jeans for the next three seasons. The clothing brand will be on the front of the match day shirts for the foreseeable future, the stadium will be renamed Cars Jeans Stadium.

Mike Havenaar of ADO Den Haag

General Director of ADO, Mattijs Manders, about the new main sponsor: “We are very pleased that a well-known clothing brand like Cars Jeans wants to join our club. At the first meeting, both parties had a good feeling. With Cars Jeans, ADO can take important steps in the next three years towards a sporty and financially healthy future. With Cars Jeans as a new sponsor, ADO will set a new standard with a partnership that is unmatched for us, and is for a long period of time. We can be very proud of this in all respects, because of the deal, Cars Jeans has a lot of confidence in ADO Den Haag. We will also do everything we can for Cars Jeans, to give a big brand awareness in our region, and beyond.”

Cars Jeans was founded in 1982 in Amsterdam. It is a Dutch company that sells clothing not only in the Netherlands but also in Belgium and Germany. Cars Jeans is a middle of the road brand. The company is not unfamiliar with football sponsorship, because in the 90’s, Cars Jeans had advertisement boards across the fields in various Dutch stadiums at national and international matches, including Dutch international games.

Cees van Bueren and Guido Winkeler from Cars Jeans: “From the first meeting, the feeling was very good with the people of ADO Den Haag. We were looking for a club in the Randstad region. In ADO Den Haag we have found a club that fits perfectly with our brand. We look forward to a successful collaboration over the next three seasons.”

Photos © ADO Den Haag

End of season awards

The 2016/2017 Karel Jansen end of season awards were as follows.

Leading goalscorer: For the second season in a row, Japanese striker Mike Havenaar, having Scored nine goals despite suffering a major viral infection that kept in out of action for well over a month.

Young Talent: Twenty two year old Sheraldo Becker picked up the award, after a difficult start to the season, he developed into a fans favourite.

Player of the season: This award went to long serving Robert Zwinkels, Started the season as second choice, but Fons Groenendijk eventually chose him as his number one. Zwinkels has been admired by fans for his loyalty for years. His experience produce some fine displays which kept ADO in many close games, a well deserved reward.

The ADO ladies awards went to Victoria Pelova as the clubs brightest talent. An award she won through numerous first class, skillful performances, the most consistent player throughout the season.

ADO ladies player of the season: This award deservedly went to Pia Rijsdijk. A hardworking, tough forward. Scored vital goals and is a great team player and I think maybe future captain of the club.


ADO react to publication in national media

We regret the picture painted by the Voetbal International magazine that has outlined the situation at ADO Den Haag. The club does not recognize the article and regrets it, as it contains many inaccuracies.

At present, a balanced and sustainable solution between the management of ADO Den Haag and UVS is being worked on, both financially and governance, and of course, according to the KNVB rules. Because this process has not yet been completed, it is not possible to respond fully.

ADO Den Haag still hopes to present the new policy plan before summer. At that moment, the club will also come out with the right facts.

“Job van der Have and I as the staff appointed by the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court do not recognize the anonymous criticism of Director Manders.” According to Ben Knüppe, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ADO Den Haag.

“A substantive response is not useful at the moment. We should not disturb the process. However, I value it enough to make it clear that commercial steps are being taken in the commercial sector. We hope and expect to see that soon. But a breeding chicken should not disturb you,” said General Director Mattijs Manders in a short response.

Fun end to ADO’s season

On Sunday 14th May, ADO Den Hague play their last home match of the season. Excelsior will be the visitors to the Kyocera Stadium at 14.30. Of course, the last home game of the season does not go unnoticed. There will be a lot of things organized before and after the match to close the season with the whole ADO family and make a big party!

From 12.00 hrs at Heldenplein and at the MFC
From 12:00 onwards, young fans will have plenty to do around the Kyocera Stadium. There will be all kinds of activities organized around the Heldenplein and in front of the MFC (supporters home). Think of mini pitches, volleyball, bouncy castles and more!

Performance of John Medley for the match
Prior to the match, John Medley will make sure that the atmosphere before the match is good. So come to Kyocera Stadium on time.

Minute applause for the game
Just before the match, as with every year at the final home game, there will be a one minute’s applause to remember all those who passed away in the past year. Do you want to have someone remembered? Then click HERE!

Presentation of the Karel Jansen Trophy
Immediately after the match, the Karel Jansen Trophy will be awarded to the best player, top scorer and the talent of the year.

Children are allowed to leave the field after the match
After the Karel Jansen Trophy presentation, all children will be given the opportunity to enter the field. During the Karel Jansen Trophy presentation, all kinds of attractions will be built on the field and afterwards the children can enjoy themselves. Access to the field is possible via ‘the emergency ramp’ under the Lex Schoenmaker Family Stand. The activities after the match on the field are only accessible to children and possibly for their carers.

DJ Fonzy after the game in the MFC
After the match, DJ Fonzy will turn into the supporters home for the year to come close together!

No cards for the match yet?
Do not you have any cards yet and you’re missing out on this beautiful party? Then go to and order your e-tickets online without the Club Card!

ADO games coming up this weekend

On Sunday afternoon, ADO Den Haag will be playing their final match of this current season. A home game in the Kyocera stadium against Rotterdam side Excelsior.

After last week’s poor performance at Heracles, ADO will be hoping to sign off in style with a victory in front of their own supporters. Tickets are selling fast, so get yours now. A club card is not needed. Just take a form of photo ID with you, one for each person requiring a ticket to the stadium ticket office.


ADO ladies play their fourth game of the play-offs. Sadly so far they have lost three of three which rules them out of any chance of claiming the  title. This Friday night they will be looking for revenge on the team who beat them last week, PSV Eindhoven.

Always a nice friendly atmosphere at these games, so why not go along and support the ladies in action.


New signings for ADO ladies

Sharon Kok, Suzanne Admiraal and Lauren Delleman will be part of the ADO ladies squad for the 2017-2018 season. Sharon Kok and Suzanne Admiral make the switch from Telstar and Lauren Delleman comes in from Ajax.

The 30-year-old Sharon Kok will strengthen the back-line of the Hague club as a central defender. “I see my time at ADO ladies as a positive. It’s a completely new challenge.” Said Sharon Kok. After eight seasons at the highest level she chooses to pursue her football career in The Hague: “I have found my conversations with Arend Regeer and Alex Scholte very positive. I have a clear picture of the club and am very excited to get started here.”

Suzanne Admiraal is a handy player and comes to ADO after three seasons at Telstar: “I’m very excited to play for ADO ladies next season. The way of playing, the atmosphere in the stadium, the supporters and the positivity of the club really appeal to me. I would like to take the next step and want to make it a good season for the club.”

Lauren Delleman made the transition from CTO Amsterdam to Ajax four years ago. originally a defender, she can used in several places, even as a winger or defensive midfielder. The 22-year-old from Amstelveen is looking forward to the new season: “I’m very happy with this move! ADO ladies always play in the top of the Eredivisie and is a club with a vision in women’s football. In addition, it is a warm club with good facilities. I’m looking forward to the start of next season!”

Chief coach Arend Regeer is very pleased with the new arrivals: “All three girls have qualities. Suzanne is fast, goal-oriented and has scoring ability. With Sharon we get a lot of experience, giving up is not an option for her. Lauren is a true top sports player, in addition to being able to play football, she graduated with a cum laude (Bachelor Rights) degree.