The road to the new stadium

The important dates of the new ADO Stadium.

19 Oct 2000

The decision to build a new stadium is made.

14 Feb 2002

The municipality appoints the Forepark as the new location for the stadium.

14 Feb 2003

The first design of the new stadium is presented.

15 May2003

The design is approved by Municipality.


All required permits to start building are applied for.

25 Jul 2005

Environmental Permit is granted, and soon after local environmentalist groups lodge official complaints.

18 Oct 2005

The appeal against Environmental Permit is rejected.

02 Nov 2005

The final go-ahead is granted to start construction.

23 Nov2005

The ground breaking ceremony.

28 Jul 2007

The official opening of new stadium.

21 Jun 2010

The stadium is renamed Kyocera Stadium.