The home of ADO Den Haag is a modern stadium and is presently recognized as being the safest football stadium in Europe, if not the world. Ultimate safety in which to watch your football.

Operations room

The operations room is the heart of the security organisation on match days. The following people are seated here:

Security coordinater ADO Den Haag

(responsible for all security measures in the stadium)

Centralist ADO Den Haag

(secures contact between security coordinator and stewards/security staff)

Police Commander

(responsible for all security measures outside the stadium)

Chief Footballunit Police

(manages staff of Footballunit police)

Medical Officer

(manages first aid staff and ambulance staff)

Officer Fire Brigade (only attends during High Risk matches)

2 video operators ADO Den Haag ( checking video images form inside the stadium)

2 video operators Police Force (checking video images from outside the stadium)

ADO Den Haag has 110 camera’s inside the stadium. The police force have access to another 35 camera’s outside the stadium. These are located between motorways and the Forepark as well as on the route the buses of the opponent team take. In case of the input of a video helicoper, these images will also be available in the operations room.

There is a strict divide in responsibilities  inside and outside the stadium. ADO Den Haag is responsible for the safety and order inside the stadium, the police are responsible for any of these issues outside the stadium.

ADO Den Haag also has a spotshot camera, which is constantly taking pictures of supporters. Every 4 minutes it completes a full round of the stadium, then starts again until the match is finished.

These pictures are of excellent quality and soon it will be possible to scan the pictures into a database which will enable ADO Den Haag to identify the supporters.

The small room next to the operations room is the radio-office. The stadium speaker and his assistant are seated here. They are in charge of music, the scoreboard and the announcements in the stadium.


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