There are many ways in which you or your business can get involved with ADO Den Haag, and use the club as a way to advertise yourself.

There are prices to suit all pockets as can be seen below.

LED boarding (from € 400,-)

LED Boarding panels are situated on the pitch along the televisions sides (a long and short side). The system has a larger pull than static boarding. Your message will be shown during the home-games of ADO Den Haag and will also be seen on national television during  highlights and other broadcasts such as Eredivisie Live. Available from 1 minute per match.

Static  Boarding (from € 3.000,-)

ADO Den Haag offers the possibility to place your advertising on static boarding in the stadium. These permanent positions are located alongside the pitch, at the dug-outs, along the staircases and at the rear wall of the public stands. If you wish, TV-sensitive positions can be obtained. You can also direct your advertising at your target groups in the stands.

Narrowcasting (internal TV-circuit) (from € 500,-)

The stadium holds over 30 screens which can broadcast your advertising. The screens are set up in various rooms in the main building but also in the Passage of the stadium offering optimal communication directed at the audience.

Advertising towers (from € 12.500,-)

The two advertising towers next to the stadium are seen by over 150 million passers-by each year.

Your message will reach a very large target group. Each tower consists of three rotating boards measuring 12×9 meters. Available from one board per month.

ADO Den Haag Media (from € 300,-)

ADO Den Haag issues several media productions; varying from match programs, the annual presentation guide, the Kids Magazine, the ADO Den Haag Courant, the business-to-business magazine ‘Business and People” to ADO TV.  These are ideal tools to target your market.

We are willing to help you determine your mediamix suited to the advertising need of your company.

Arrangements: exposure and/or relation marketing during the matches

Want to hear your company name announced in the stadium? Sponsorship of the ball or match-sponsor arrangement  will make this possible.

Ball sponsor (from € 795,-)

If you are to be our sponsor of the match ball your audio-advertisement will be announced throughout the Cars Jeans Stadium. You will also receive two Business Club seat tickets and a parking permit. Your  company will be mentioned in the match program, the ADO Den Haag page in the local free newspapers Wegener and Telstar journal as well as being shown on over 30 TV-screens in the stadium.

After the match you will receive the signed match ball of the home-game you sponsored.

Match sponsor (from€ 2.500,-)

The match sponsor will be titled as match sponsor of the match. You will receive 6 Residentie-Club entrance tickets, 3 VIP parking permits, 25 match tickets for block D (for instance to use for your personnel) and 6 ADO Den Haag scarfs. Your  company will be mentioned in the match program, the ADO Den Haag page in the local free newspapers Wegener and Telstar journal as well as being shown on over 30 TV-screens in the stadium. And your company’s audio-message will be announced in the stadium.

Match arrangements (on request)

Do you wish to enjoy an afternoon or evening with guests in the atmospheric Cars Jeans Stadium?

Our fine restaurants and lounges will proudly receive your guests and pamper  them before enjoying a match of ADO Den Haag.

The  Business Arrangement for match days consists of:

–   A Business Club seat on the Grandstand

–   A parking permit

–   Brunch, lunch or dinner(depending on the starting time of the match)

–   A drink during half time in the Business Club

–   2 hour reception including drinks and snacks after the match in the  Business Club.

The arrangements can be extended with f.i. ADO Den Haag scarfs.

Event venue

The Cars Jeans stadium has more to offer than just its “football-function” and holds many opportunities for large or small scale events, shows, congresses, (product)presentations, training facilities, meetings, weddings etc. No matter how large or small your event, the Cars Jeans stadium will be able to facilitate your needs.

The classy Residentie Club or our splendid Senaatskamer, the cosy Business Lounge or one of our de-luxe Business units, even the stands and changing rooms can be at your disposal.

The location is ideal, modern,  people friendly, comfortable and safe with plural multifunctional rooms, outstanding catering and spacious parking facilities.

The location between the largest traffic routes into The Hague, the A12, A13 and A4 plus the vicinity of two trainstations makes the Kyocera stadium easily accessible either by car or public transport.


If you wish to receive further information regarding sponsorship opportunities ADO Den Haag has to offer you can contact our commercial department at 070-305 45 17 or mail to

Rick Ros
Commercial Department          (070) 3054517   r.ros@adodenhaag.nl

Rick Hoogendorp
Commercial  Department          (070) 3054536   r.hoogendorp@adodenhaag.nl

Barry ‘t Hart
Commercial  Department           (070) 3054529   b.thart@adodenhaag.nl