In  ADO Den Haag’s illustrious history the Zuiderpark stadium plays a significant part. Despite the move to the Kyocera stadium in the Forepark, the Zuiderpark stadium will always hold a special spot in the hearts of ADO Den Haag supporters, thanks to the many legendary matches that were played there.

A large part of ADO Den Haag’s culture was being reflected by the Zuiderpark stadium. The stadium breathed an  English atmosphere; the stands were close to the pitch, supporters that  were behind their team for 90 minutes long and a home team that fought tooth and nail with the “Haagse bluff” attitude. Playing  hard but fair.

ADO’s founders started to play on a small field under the Haagse Toren, the following  years they drifted from one ground to another. Then in 1925 they finally moved to their new Zuiderpark stadium.

Below you will find the stadium’s history laid out.

18 Oct 1925

The official opening of the Zuiderpark stadium.

28 Oct 1928

Covered stand was first open to public.

21 Feb 1945

Celebration of the 40th anniversary of the club by handing out meals (as this took place in the “hunger winter” during the Second World War.


During this harsh winter the accomodation became deplorable as many of the wood from the stands had been stolen by locals to use as fuel for their home fires. Because of the unwilling attitude of the Municipality to renovate; the Board decided to buy  the grounds themselves to start proper modernizations.

05 May 1949

Start of renovations.

09 Aug 1949

Inauguration of renewed stadium by an honorary match between ADO and Feyenoord which ADO lost 2-4.


Long awaited expansions of the stadium from 14.000 to 25.000 capacity finally start; after completion of the first fase the stadium could hold 19.000 maximum.

17 Oct 1967

Finalization of second fase; opening of an extra stand enlarging the capacity 28.500.


Due to the worsening behaviour of football fans  in the late sixties the KNVB ordered wire mesh to be installed between the stands and the pitch.

08 Mar 1973

The opening of the newly built club house and restaurant with boardrooms and players home on the first floor.

17 Feb 1977

The start of building rooves for the stands behind the goals.


A new five-year plan to renovate the stadium is written; renovations will include building of outs, new fencing, expansion of club house, building of a covered stand with seats.

13 Jul 1978

Start of expansion of the club house to such extent that only a few walls of the previous one would remain standing.

03 Feb 1979

Official opening of new club house which besided being much larger now included a luxurious bar and roof terrace.

03 Apr 1982

Fans set fire to the oldest stand dating from 1928 leaving a black smoldering spot.


The burnt down stand is re-built  and re-opened.

01 Mar 1987

A match between FC Den Haag and Ajax is abandoned because of serious crowd trouble on the East and North stands; by order of the major the North stand was closed down for some time.


North stand is being renovated, nearly all standing place disappear.

07 Nov 1993

A long time wish from hard core fans comes true, the North stand is re-named Aad Mansveld stand in honour of their most famous and outstanding player.

1994, summer

All teams using the Zuiderpark stadium are forced to play elsewhere because of the World Equestrian Games; the stadium is returned to footballing purposes but found to be destroyed by rabbits that had ruined the playing surface totally, causing the stadium to be unfit for football for some time after.

1994 autumn

The Municipality demands that the stadium is made people friendly.  This meant fences had to be removed, families needed their own stand to be safe,  access for the disabled had  to be possible.

01 Aug 1996

The new Staten stand  which consists entirely of green and yellow seats is opened to fans.

1998 spring

A large parking area is built.

04 Apr 1996

A new business Lounge is opened.


The west stand is renamed Hyundai stand because of local car dealers sponsorship.


Farewell Season.

22 Apr 2007

The last match at Zuiderpark against FC Groningen.