Excelsior v ADO

S.B.V.Excelsior 1 v  5 ADO Den Haag

Well what a magical day for ADO’s fans, management and support. A performance that the hosts Excelsior; just could not live with. A freezing cold 12.30 kick off on an artificial pitch didn’t make a good game look promising, how wrong can you be?

As soon as the game started both teams were full of energy and looking for ways to break forward. The game developed into an incident packed ninety minutes. After only five minutes, Derijck missed timed the ball allowing Marvin Zeegelaar to power in goalwards; unfortunately for him his strike hit the side netting.

The game swung the way of Excelsior in the thirteenth minute when after/an amazing effort by Zeegelaar to chase down a ball everyone thought was going out he crossed the ball to where Tim Vincken was timing his run, the finish was quick and accurate, Excelsior deservedly taking the early lead, 1-0

The game was end to end and in the twentieth minute ADO reaped their reward for positive counter attacking. A ball driven long by Verhoek deep inside half found Verhoek out wide on the right. Two steps forward and a whipped in cross found the ever predatory Bulykin, who got his head just in front of the defender to nod the ball home, 1-1

Four minutes after the goal, the match changing moment; a wild tackle by Excelsior’s Daan Bovenberg on Radosavljevic saw the defender received a straight red card as the ADO player lay crumbled in agony on the pitch. There were not too many arguments from the Excelsior squad over the decision.

As the half hour approached ADO took the lead. With the one man advantage took the game to Excelsior at every given opportunity. The midfielders all combined in a quick flurry of passes until Immers touched the ball off to Bulykin who laid it off to Kubik who was free inside the box and unmarked, allowing him to smash a left foot shot in to the bottom corner of the net,1-2.

In the forty first minute and continuing the battering ram assault of Excelsior’s defence ADO got another goal. After more slick play, Radosavljevic slipped the ball in to Bulykin; with the ball at his feet, one on one with the keeper, Bulykin kept his cool and struck the ball, hitting the keeper before going in to the back of the net, 1-3.

As the half time whistle blew, the home fans were silent and the visiting fans were in seventh heaven, a great performance. In a lot of games, a team going down to ten men can be inspired, but in this case, Excelsior just folded. During half time I walked passed the Home teams’ dressing room and all I could hear was the manager going absolutely ballistic, obviously not a happy man.

ADO began the second half as they had ended the first, full of fire and determination. This effort was rewarded in the fifty second minute, after playing a neat pass with Bulykin, Toornstra wriggled and twisted his way through the home defence, opening them up way to easily for anyone to expect, got himself space and fired home his first goal of the season, excellent play by the visitors, 1-4.

By now the four hundred ADO fans were making so much noise, it was hard to believe it was an away game, the home support was in shock and silent at what they were witnessing and it got even better. Sixty five minutes gone and Derijck wins the ball, he takes time before delivering a perfect long pass to Verhoek who collects the ball wide on the right with only the keeper to beat. Took his time, looked up and slotted it passed a despairing Lex van Maeften in the Excelsior goal, 1-5.

ADO seemed happy with the score now as did the fans who just chanted the player’s names for the final fifteen minutes. Excelsior put a bit of pressure on, forcing Coutinho to make a couple of fine saves.

There have been reports that one of ADO’s star players, Wesley Verhoek has been in contact with FC Utrecht and PSV about a possible move. The fans chanted for him to stay. At the end of the match when the players went to celebrate the victory, Verhoek kissed the badge, what was he staying? Did it mean a goodbye or did it mean, don’t worry, I’m staying?

ADO man of the match: Almost impossible to pick a man of the match after that performance. But if I have to choose, I’ll go for Verhoek, the goal provider extraordinaire!

Attendance: 3,000

One final word of note: After my previous articles about is it safe to watch ADO, in which I reported on the great atmosphere and super safe stadium. Today I got to an away ground in time to watch the 400 ADO supporters arrive. There was no sign of aggression from them at all, just boisterous singing and clapping, all good natured. Throughout the game they out sung the home support. They provided a great atmosphere and on leaving, also no problems at all, they were great advertisement for the club. I am glad it went like this, as, and I don’t wish to sound patronizing, but, Excelsior is such a friendly club and I like all others associated with ADO enjoyed a great day out.

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