ADO v Vitesse

ADO v Vitesse Arnhem

What a way to start the league campaign. First match of the season is at home to Vitesse who is now managed by ADO’s former manager John v/d Brom. There has been much talk in the press and amongst fans on what kind of reception he would receive.

John v/d Brom and the Vitesse team arrived seventy five minutes before kick-off time and for some reason had himself surrounded by body guards. He knew he would get some verbal abuse from the fans, but did he really expect a physical attack? Absolutely ridiculous in my opinion.

ADO weakened by the absence of inspirational defender Derijck due to suspension were still in better shape; on paper anyway, than Vitesse, who travelled to The Hague with a skeleton line-up due to injuries that had decimated their squad.

After all the build up to this game, it didn’t match the expectations in the slightest. There was no pattern of play from either side and the first half was more or less void of any clear cut goal scoring opportunities. Neither keeper had anything of note to deal with.

The second half was slightly better and ADO had more of the possession in the midfield, only occasionally causing threats to the Vitesse defence.

Not until the fifty forth minute was either goal threatened. A free-kick for ADO was placed into the penalty area where Luksik caused havoc and the ball knocked onwards by Immers saw the ball roll agonizingly slowly towards the goal line before being hacked away to safety by a relieved Vitesse defence.

Sixty four minutes in and ADO almost got the lead they craved; Toornstra heading the ball against the post, after a cross from the left by Luksik.

Coutinho made a vital save in the eightieth minute, denying a great chance from Bony.

The final whistle blew and honours where even. An honest evaluation is that ADO was unlucky to have only earned a point from this seasons opening fixture.

ADO man of the Match: Toornstra; showed determination throughout the game.

Attendance; 11, 792

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