Feyenoord v ADO

ADO outclass Feyenoord in the Kuip.

A big game and a big test awaited ADO in the world famous Kuip stadium in Rotterdam. This however was a good time to play the Rotterdammers as the club of late had been involved in a lot of well publicised turmoil off the pitch. ADO could also look back on their last performance with a great deal of satisfaction which would surely provide a boost for this encounter.

The performance by the entire ADO team would have beaten virtually anybody in the Dutch Eredivisie. They took the Rotterdammers apart with a display of hard work and vigour. I have never witnessed ADO dominate anybody by such a margin. Feyenoord could not live with ADO’s pace and organisation.

ADO set about Feyenoord straight from the start. The Rotterdam team looked as though they had never met before, let alone played football together. Every time Feyenoord got the ball in midfield, they turned and played the ball backwards, the home supporters were on their backs within ten minutes of the kick-off.

ADO took the lead on the quarter of an hour mark. A complete loss of concentration by Feyenoord’s Dani Fernandez who misplaced a pass straight into the path of John Verhoek who instantly stroked the ball under the keeper into the net, simple, 0-1.

John Verhoek almost got a second goal a few minutes later as poor Feyenoord defending allowed the ball to bobble around in the home penalty box. The Feyenoord keeper, Erwin Mulder had to shout viciously at his defenders to try to get them to buck their ideas up.

Twenty five minutes played and Feyenoord almost draw level after some wonderful individual skill by Karim El Ahmadi, his determination got him through the ADO defensive line only to see his glorious effort smash against the cross bar and away to safety, great effort that deserved better.

ADO kept the pressure high and the Verhoek brothers were tearing the Feyenoord defence to shreds.  The work rate provided its reward as a slick move involving Immers and Chery who then played the ball forward to John Verhoek, who instead of going for glory, played a simple ball across the area to his brother. Wesley had time to pick his spot before he gleefully buried the ball passed the keeper making it 0-2.

The second half started as the first had ended, ADO on the ascendancy, dominating Feyenoord’s midfield. Immers was having his best game this season against the team who had wanted to buy him earlier this season and the one he wanted to join. Immers received the ball from J. Verhoek on the right, and looked up to see Chery unmarked on the left of the penalty area. The pass was perfection and Chery added his name to the score sheet with a great finish, 0-3.

The ADO fans were in heaven, out singing the home supporters who were now down hard on their team with lots of whistles and abuse. ADO looked as though they had the freedom of the Kuip, Feyenoord were poor, very poor. There were times the home support tried to rally their team, but to no avail. A rampant ADO had the game totally under control. The clocked counted down and Coutinho had only two minor scares as the home side tried to get a consolation goal, but nothing to really trouble him.

At the final whistle the ADO players ran to their fans and jumped over the advertising hoardings to celebrate wildly with their fans, throwing shirts into the ranks of green and yellow followers. It was a great day for ADO. It was this time last season that it all started going right for the club. Is this to be a repeat season? Two good victories in a row, both games the teams were the same, has Steijn found his best team now? I believe so, yet Visser and Vicento are still to get back into the squad after injuries. It is starting to look bright for ADO Den Haag.

 ADO man of the match: John Verhoek, an immense performance

Attendance: 41, 000


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