ADO v Vitesse

ADO Den Haag v Vitesse

On paper this game was predicted to be one full of excitement, both teams had been on a good run of form shocking the so called big teams, so on Saturday night they faced each other at the Kyocera stadium. The section for visiting supporters was full, a rare event at ADO, so the atmosphere was fantastic as the teams came on to the pitch.

The outcome of this game was a 0-4 for Vitesse. The result was not a fair reflection on the play and flattered the Vitesse team greatly. At times a team and an individual hit such a hot streak of form that no matter what they do or try, it works. At this point of the season Vitesse are that team and that player is their Ivorian striker Wilfried Bony.

Both teams started well, both in attacking mood and playing so free flowing football. The teams looked well matched. I the eighth minute the visitors took the lead after Bony slid the ball past Martijn Zwart to make it 0-1.

Mike van Duinen, Santi Kolk  and Tjaronn Chery were working hard across the midfield, their linking passes were great as they pressed forward, but it was clear to see ADO do still miss that one vital component, a natural goal scorer to finish these moves.

ADO was getting their chances but the final touch or pass was always going slightly astray. The away team backed by a full section of visiting fans increased their lead in the thirty eighth minute. Yet again it was Marco van Ginkel feeding Bony that saw the leading Eredivisie scorer get himself another goal despite the attempts of Dico Koppers to clear the ball off the line, 0-2.

The second half saw ADO go straight for Vitesse: Chery and Kolk both has chances to pull a goal back. Yet a minor error at the back saw Vitesse increase their lead. This time Bony feeding van Ginkel who shot the ball home, 0-3.

ADO heads did not drop, they continued to fight, great to see, the players did not want to give up and the score line was giving their performance a false impression, the players knew it and the fans knew it. The noise coming from the Midden Noord and behind the goal on Vak G was superb, a really way of backing the team when things were going against them.

ADO began to control the game and players were lining up to shoot on goal. Van Duinen, Meijers, Holla, Jansen, Kolk all having goes and keeping Elroy Room in the Vitesse goal very busy. It just was not going to happen for ADO on this particular night.

In the eighty fifth minute Vitesse got their final goal, a goal that twisted a knife into ADO’s wounds; Mike Havenaar firing beyond the unfortunate Zwart, 0-4.

The noise of the ADO supporters grew even louder. They realised that despite the heavy defeat, ADO had actually played very, very well. As a team performance it was good, everybody working for each other and the fans could see it. At the final whistle the players still did a lap of honour to applaud the supporters who gave them in return rapturous applause and cheers.

ADO man of the match: Mike van Duinen, you can’t keep this guy down at the minute.

Attendance: 10,577

2 thoughts on “ADO v Vitesse

  1. Indeed a great match no points but what a spirit in think ADO controlled the ball for at least 75 min but no goal 🙁
    But they fought like lions but it was not ADo’s day and don’t forget it was ADO vs FC Bony because the rest of Vitesse sucked bigtime

  2. Yep, the spirit was there, the support from the fans was there, As you say, just was not going to be ADO’s night. But keep that spirit and support up, things can only get better ;0)

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