ADO v Willem II

ADO win at home at last

Saturday evening in a freezing cold Kyocera, ADO Den Haag took on newly promoted Willem II of Tilburg. This was a game most pundits predicted ADO would win with ease. A win is certainly what the fans would have been hoping for.

This was ADO’s fifth home game of the season, the previous results seeing two draws and two defeats and no wins. ADO has only twice so far this season, and this includes pre-season managed to keep a clean sheet. That was a 0-0 friendly at home to Newcastle United and a 0-2 win at Ijsselmeervogels in the Dutch cup. So would Saturday night see them break the home form hoodoo?  Fans where hoping to see a home performance similar to that of ADO on their travels this season when they have been looking much stronger.

Well everybody associated with ADO got there wish. In fact they got a double whammy. Firstly they broke the spell on winning at home and better still to add to that, they also kept a clean sheet.

ADO came flying out of the blocks at the start. Within seconds Meijers fired in a long range shot which seemed destined for the top corner, only for David Meul in the Willem II goal to produce a stunning flying save. Soon after that the visitor’s keeper was performing heroics again, this time keeping Chery’s effort out.

The start was promising, but that promise soon faded as ADO again slipped into a period of mediocre play. Willem II was unable to take advantage of the lack lustred ADO team. For twenty minutes the game died and the ADO fans began to boo and berate the lack of adventure from their side. As balls were either being passed across the field or backwards towards their own keeper.

As the half neared it end, Willem II managed to get two close efforts on goal, both just clearing the cross bar from distance.

The second half started again brightly for ADO, but it again did not last for long. The crowd went silent and it stayed a boring match until the hour mark.

In the sixtieth minute Beugelsdijk was elbowed to the floor in the penalty area at a corner kick. The referee awarded ADO a penalty and issued Jordens Peters with a red card. ADO’s captain and penalty expert Danny Holla took the kick and sent the ball straight down the middle, 1-0.

This lifted the home side and a spring came back to there feet. Poepon who had been failing to impress of late actually showed what he is capable of; some strong runs and getting his body into challenges. Mike van Duinen, Chery and Holla began to dominate proceedings.

ADO could have stretched their lead on several occasions following the goal; unfortunately both Toornstra and van Duinen were not wearing their shooting boots as several chances were blasted over the bar.

Willem II pushed forward when they could, but these times were rare as ADO began to fight as a midfield unit should, it was good to see them play like this at home for a change, as they do it regularly on their travels.

With two minutes to play ADO got the second they deserved from a much better second half display. A move finished off by van Duinen, putting away the easiest of knock-ins from close range, 2-0.

In the final minutes ADO still managed to waste some golden opportunities, but at the final whistle, no one cared one iota. Three points, a clean sheet, happy players and a happy manager.

ADO man of the match: A tough choice, but I think Mike van Duinen just edged it over Holla.

Attendance: 10, 008


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