Rijnsburgse Boys v ADO

Yesterday afternoon ADO travelled the short distance to take on one of the top amateur sides in the country, Rijnsburgse Boys: A team that could have been playing in the second tier of Dutch football in the Jupiler league. If they had accepted the promotion, they would have lost money and some supporters according to their press officer, so they decided they’d be better off staying where they were.

This encounter was a bruising affair with plenty of bone crunching tackles flying in; this was more like a full blow league game the way the players set about each other. This was appreciated by the 1500 spectators.

ADO took the lead in the ninth minute when Chery took the ball into the penalty area; remained calm, picked his spot and fired the ball home passed a helpless Ronald vd Meer.

The home side equalised in the twenty first minute when Peter Freke put the ball into the back of the ADO net.

ADO was put under a lot of pressure during the rest of the half, the home side showing a lot of skill, flair, passion and determination. They were doing flicks and tricks all over the pitch, even around their own penalty box.

The second half saw the teams sharing possession evenly, the tackles still thundered in and the trainers had to come on a few times. Nothing dirty or malicious about the tackles, just players competing full bloodied.

Bothe teams had their chances to score a wining goal as the clock ticked down. It was in the eighty seventh minute when Horvath came forward from defence to head home a corner taken by Holla.

The game ended 1-2. It was a real good test for ADO, especially at the back. The only concern for me is that they conceded yet again, ADO have not prevented the opposition from scoring in any game so far. Apart from that, ADO seem to be on track as they all get used to playing together as a unit.

The players who have impressed me so far during this pre-season are Chery, van Duinen, Holla and Meijers.

3 thoughts on “Rijnsburgse Boys v ADO

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  2. I hope they don’t spoil my weekend again like last season by losing every match
    Struggling against Rijnsburgse Boys and Kortrijk Pff that’s not promising any good
    never the less great story and top pictures

  3. Thank you. Rather see them struggling and conceding goals now so by the time ADO go to Vitesse, everybody knows their position ;0) I think a much better season this time around, finish in top ten!

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