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  1. I am English and am looking to come over to Holland on holiday in February/March 2015. how easy would it be to obtain tickets for a home game?

    • Hi Richard, all the fixtures in Feb/Mar next year are not high profile games, so buying a ticket on the day of the match itself is not a problem without a clubcard. All you would need to do is take some form of photo ID, passport or driving license for each individual buying a ticket. If you need any more help get in touch again.

      Gr Neal

  2. Many thanks for info. What is capacity of stadium and what would you think average crowds would be? I would not want to turn up at game and be told that no tickets available.
    This happened the other year when to watch Ajax!

    • Stadium capacity is 15,000. As with all clubs, crowds depend on the teams performances, but usually over the past few seasons they avaerage out at around 10,500. But the season they made it into Europe, they had many sell outs. You can get in touch with me closer the time and I will help out if possible.

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