ADO v Heracles

ADO Den Haag had a point to prove after last Saturday’s defeat to sc Heerenveen and the referee. After the other weekend’s results had conspired against ADO, before kick-off they were rooted to the foot of the table. This meant that everybody was demanding a vital three point haul from this match.

The night turned out to be a real nightmare for ADO both on and off the pitch. ADO went a goal behind in the second minute, after a goal from Bryan Linssen 0-1.

From that moment on ADO’s heads dropped. The passion and fight had been knocked out of them before they even started. The crowd saw this too and were on their backs in an instant, booing, jeering and some waving white handkerchiefs in surrender. It was a small crowd but the atmosphere was tense.

ADO were further behind to a goal by Mark Uth in the thirty fourth minute, another goal that should have been prevented, but ADO were just not in the right frame of mind, 0-2.

The crowd were then taunting ,manager Maurice Steijn, it was becoming a more stakle atmosphere with every minute. ADO’s passing had gone altogether, nothing was going right for them at all. For the visitors it was easy, didn’t need to break sweat. If it wasn’t for Gino Coutinho in ADO’s goal they could have been a few more goal behind at the break.

Before the second half started, fans on the popular sides of the Midden Noord and Vak G cleared their areas of support, showing their displeasure at what they were witnessing. he stadium was quiet apart from the thirty or so Heracles supporters who were having a great time of it.

Before Heracles got their third goal ADO did manage a few shot on goal, unfortunately they flew high of the crossbar or going low across the surface safe into the arms of the keeper. The third goal from Heracles came in the fifty seventh minute. The ball finished off again by Mark Uth

The crowds began to leave in numbers, it was torture to watch, by far ADO’s worst performance of the season. At this rate our club are looking doomed to relegation. After the final whistle some of the ADO players brave enough to face the fans went across to applaud them but were met by more jeers, indeed the fans had seen enough.

After the game the fans wanted to go around to the main stand to protest what is happening to their club. Police were there in  numbers, but from my vantage point, instead of steadily guiding them away, they charged the supporters which made matter worse. A sad way to end the night.

I am now fearing for ADO’s Eredivisie survival and that of Maurice Steijn. Pressure is mounting on him from all sides. I for one think it would be wrong to sack him, or for him to resign. It is the players at fault. When they play the big clubs, they play well, look what they did to Feyenoord just two weeks ago! Next two games against weaker opposition, the players do not show any passion. Something is deeply wrong within the playing staff. Even if relegated I would stick with Steijn, but I would certainly clear out a lot of players who do not want to fight for the ADO cause.

ADO man of the Match: Gino Coutinho; Could have much worse if not for his saves.

Attendance: 10, 343

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