Go Ahead Eagles v ADO

ADO Den Haag’s first trip of the season was away to newly promoted GO Ahead Eagles from Deventer. Many Dutch footballing experts saying GAE are sure to be relegated, so on paper this looked like a comfortable three points for the visitors. How wrong this proved to be.

ADO were sluggish from the start, the total opposite to the host side who wanted to impress their supporters in a sell out stadium for their first home game in the Eredivisie for seventeen years.

When ADO did push forward they were bullied off the ball with ease, GAE looking very solid and mobile at the back. GAE had the better chances in the opening period, forcing saves and blocks from the ADO rearguard, whereas ADO’s efforts were flying high and wide.

The deadlock was broken in the twenty second minute after a free-kick was taken by Deniz Turuc. The flight of the ball somehow confused Wormgoor and the ball reached the unmarked Xandro Schenk who fired the ball home with ease, 1-0.

ADO were still on the back foot and were close to going a second goal behind, but solid defending by both Malone and Meijers kept the Eagles at bay.

ADO got a fortuitous equalizer in the thirty seventh minute. Holla took a free-kick which was headed goal wards by Wormgoor, the ball moving quickly and surprised the Eagles keeper Eloy Room who could only flap the ball away. Mike van Duinen was in the right place and easily headed the ball into the back of the net, 1-1.

ADO began the second half in much the same way they started the first, allowing GAE to hold their ground and force ADO backwards. A series of substitutions by both sides saw the balance of play swing in ADO’s favour. They began to control the midfield and build more attacks down the wings, unfortunately the crosses were easily dealt with and when the ball bounced outside the area in front of an ADO players it seemed a shoot on sight policy was in action, yet the shots continued to fly over the bar, Cabral being the main culprit. Cabral got himself booked when he flung himself to ground inside the penalty area hoping to get a spot kick, the referee was rightly unimpressed.

In the eighty first minute GAE got the decisive goal; for a split second ADO lost concentration allowing Sjoerd Overgoor to line-up Marnix Kolder to finish ADO off, 2-1.

The stadium was rocking as the home fans counted down the remaining minutes. Cabral and Holla almost silenced them with some close efforts late on, but all to no avail.

A very disappointing start to the season for ADO, zero points from two games after thinking that four should have been in their pocket by now. They certainly need to start settling quicker in the opening thirty minutes of a game. PSV last week and GAE have found ADO too easy to handle in the early stages.

ADO man of the match: Aaron Meijers

Attendance: 6,855

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