FC Eindhoven v ADO

On Friday afternoon is boiling temperatures that reached 34 degrees ADO ended their training camp with a friendly against FC Eindhoven in  Leende. The game was a boring affair, players from both sides effected by the heat, plus ADO players had been on a 20km bike ride earlier in the morning.

Before the kick-off their was a minutes silence in memory of the passengers who lost their lives in the Malaysian airline crash. FC Eindhoven started the stronger, playing through ADO with too much ease at times. ADO lacked cohesion and their passing was poor. Yet it was ADO who took the lead in the twenty third minute. Ninos Gouriye was tormenting the defence constantly and eventually his work paid off as Kevin Jansen struck the ball home, great to see him doing well after a nightmare injury last season, 0-1.

Due to the heat, drink breaks were allowed by the referee. The second half was even slower than the first, yet despite this, ADO managed to get a few shots on goal, the best falling to Xander Houtkoop, the keeper stood tall and blocked a double effort, that in all honesty should have been an easy goal to take but the opportunity was wasted.

ADO conceded a goal in the seventy third minute when Jens van Son hit the back of the net, 1-1. In the last minute of the game ADO were reduced to ten men after Michiel Kramer got himself sent off after reacting angrily to the referee, he was warned forcibly by the ref Jeroen Manschot, yet continued to remonstrate and was ordered to leave the field.

So that is now three games pre season and no defeats, their next friendly is to be played on Tuesday against FC Dordrecht in Zoetermeer.

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