Go Ahead Eagles v ADO

Sunday’s game at Go Ahead Eagles (GAE) saw a great opportunity for ADO to claim their first three away points of the season. The stadium is tight and compact with an intimidating atmosphere, ADO players usually perform well in such surroundings and hopes were high.

Former ADO fans favourite Wesley Verhoek was making his debut for GAE, yet it was almost the other way around as he had also been linked heavily with ADO, and he proved to be a thorn in ADO’s side.

Sadly the optimism soon disappeared. The game started in a scruffy way, no player was able to put their stamp of authority on the match. Both sides looked devoid of ideas as how to break down each others defences, so much show that there was no action to entertain the crowd until after the half hour mark.

In the thirty eighth minute ADO almost took the lead. A long kick from Martin Hansen was headed on by Mike van Duinen into the path of Michiel Kramer. He raced forward, out pacing two defenders to hit a low shot goal bound. The GAE keeper, Mickey van der Hart spread himself and blocked the shot with his legs. The first chance on goal in the whole game.

In the forty second minute disaster for ADO. A long ball over the top saw Verhoek chase down the ball between Aaron Meijers and Vito Wormgoor. As they tussled Wormgoor fell to the ground and the ball hit his hand. It certainly was not intentional as TV pictures later showed, but referee Ed Janssen instantly pulled out his red card and sent Wormgoor off, the players were incensed by the rough justice, but he had to walk. Jop van der Linden placed the ball on the spot. He hit the penalty perfectly, hard and low to Hansens left, just inside the post, the perfect penalty, 1-0.

ADO had to run the clock down until half time and then get themselves sorted for the second half with only ten men. Between the fiftieth and fifty fifth minute GAE almost killed the game off. Verhoek got more into the game and put the ball into the area for Marnix Kolder to run onto, his effort missing the post by a whisker after seeing Hansen coming charging towards him. Soon followed by two more chances created by Verhoek which again saw Kolder miss the target due to Hansen’s presence.

The sixty fifth minute saw GAE go close yet again. The ball was moving fluidly between the players and came out to Deniz Türüc. He cut inside and fired a shot that grazed the outside of the post. It was all GAE as ADO fought to defend. There was no attempt by ADO to play a forward pass. From goal kicks the ball was passed either backwards or to the sides, very frustrating for the fans who had traveled to Deventer.

ADO made their three substitutions and Xander Houtkoop did get a bit of joy down the left flank, but the final balls into the home team’s penalty box very were weak and misdirected. The final whistle blew and as the GAE fans cheered, ADO players looked to be in shock. It was a bad performance. Only Meijers and Hansen could hold their heads up. This was a demoralizing defeat and things need tlo change quickly as the next two games are away to Feyenoord and at home to FC Twente; ADO need to get something from these games!

Attendance: 7,978

ADO man of the match: Martin Hansen.

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