ADO ladies in Barcelona day 2.

Sunday morning the ladies started in the gym for a power session on the weights etc. They were worked hard and the smells of sweat could be sensed easily, a lot of effort being put into this. Seeing this workout for myself, it was easy to see why the ADO ladies and simply out played the opposition through sheer strength and fitness aswel as their great tactical play.

There was also a very brief swim that was bought to a sudden end after 5 minutes due to the ladies not having the correct attire, but it made everybody laugh even more. The laughs continued well into the evening as the team bonding grew brilliantly, another reason why this team is so strong.

A Mr Pere Gratacos Boix, the communications manager from the FC Barcelona ladies team came to visit Kees Punt the ADO ladies director and Sarina Wiegman the head coach, all very relaxed as they spoke about the forthcoming match.

After lunch, some of the younger ladies had to do some of their school work, a great idea that their education doesn’t lose out because of this trip. They returned to the training field for some more tactical training and fitness work. Dinner followed before the ladies were allowed to let their hair down and continue to build their sporting friendships to a higher level.

The squad were due to watch the live television coverage of the Malaga v FC Barcelona match and the hour preceding that what filled with some manic games of charades and Pictionary, it really was hilarious, every was involved and it got everybody laughing. As an outsider to the team it showed me what spirit the group has as a whole. It was very easy to feel part of it and enjoy the goings on.

The first two days here have been a great success for all concerned. Everybody is working to their full potential, great to see nobody at all treating this as a holiday away from the cold of The Hague.

Day 3 promises more to come with the announcement of the Hague Gala sporting awards. Will the ADO ladies coach Sarina get the award as best trainer? Will the team be awarded with the top prize? Monday night we all find out. If they win, I think it could be very interesting at the hotel.

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