Season tickets

Information from the official ADO Den Haag website

This season once again ADPO Den Haag have NOT increased the price of the season tickets. This is great news, so why not get yours now?!.

Experience every game live!

Every season ADO Den Haag sells Season Club Cards which gives you the right to watch every competition home game from your own seat in the stadium. With this Card you can also profit from many other benefits.

Conditions and benefits of the SCC 2016-2017 When you own a SCC, you can profit from many benefits. A couple of the most important are:

  • When you apply for a SCC, you can directly pay by card or cash
  • The applicant agrees on the standing orders from the Dutch Football Union and the clubs house rules. These are available on our website.
  • You have first right for purchasing tickets for possible play-offs.
  • You have first right for purchasing tickets for home national cup games.
  • You have 10 % cost reduction for all the ADO Den Haag merchandise in the official Fanshop.
  • You have a free membership of the official ADO Den Haag Fan Club (regular membership is €20).
  • The cost of a personal Club Card is €10 and the Card is valid for 5 years
  • This season, there won’t be a discount for top matches (PSV, Ajax, Feyenoord)
  • The SCC holder has the right for purchasing tickets for play-offs and European games
  • You have first right for purchasing tickets for away games.
  • You will receive the Fanzine (4 x per year) for free.
  • Every holder of an ADO Den Haag (Season) Club Card can buy till four tickets for A and B matches via Ticketbox offices or online ticketsales
  • 50 % discount for all holders of an ‘Ooievaarspas’.
Prijzen Seizoen Club Card 2016-2017
F € 210,00 € 170,00 € 68,75
G € 210,00 € 170,00 € 68,75
H € 210,00 € 170,00 € 68,75
J € 210,00 € 170,00 € 68,75
K € 265,00 € 215,00 € 95,00
L € 295,00 € 215,00 € 95,00
M € 295,00 € 215,00 € 95,00
N € 295,00 € 215,00 € 95,00
O € 295,00 € 215,00 € 95,00
P € 295,00 € 215,00 € 95,00
Q € 295,00 € 215,00 € 95,00
R € 295,00 € 215,00 € 95,00
T € 185,00 € 135,00  sold out
U € 185,00 € 135,00 € 57,50
V € 185,00 € 135,00 € 57,50
W € 185,00 € 135,00 € 57,50
Adults. from 18 jr
Youngsters. till 17 jr
Child. till 12 jr

* For the stands J en K youngsters from 13 t/m 17 years old can become member of the ADO Junior Club. On these stand adults can buy a Season Club Card in combination with a child and the Junior Club.

** These prices are only for the existing SCC on stand S. It is not possible to buy new SCC’s for this stand.

Season ticket in the Main stand:  For the first time ever, you can now purchase a season ticket for the main stand, the cost is € 495,00. For this you get 1 permanent comfortable padded seat in the Business Club Left area (BCL) row 1,2 or 3. The ability to have a drink and a snack at the counter under the stand i the brasserie lounges. Access via entrances 27/28 and your name on your seat

How to get an ADO Den Haag Season Club Card.

All information on how to get a season ticket can be found by clicking HERE.

 By applying for an ADO Den Haag Season Club Card the applicant agrees to the Terms Procurement (Season) Club Card. The applicant also agrees on the standing orders from the Dutch Football Union and the clubs house rules. These are available at the Ticketing Department.

Opening hours of Ticketing Department

Saturday, Sunday and Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Thursday: 12:00 – 17:30
Friday: 12:00 – 20:00


ADO Den Haag Ticketing Antwoordnummer 33113 2503 WB Den Haag 0031(0)70- 3054500

Discontinuing 2015-2016

If you want to discontinue for the 2016-2017 season you need to notify the Ticketing Department before May 1st 2016.

Please be aware that if you do not discontinue the Season Club Card it remains valid. This means that you will use the same card for the following season. Please do not dispatch of it after the running season!